So you survived the snow and ice? Great, your reward is more new quality tuneage.

Northampton indie/mod/psych rockers have been working hard all of 2017 and this is the final present to you, a new single – with a proper A-side and B-side!

Charlotte Carpenter just gets better and better, as the recent Shelter EP ably demonstrated. And she’s generous enough to drop a final song for 2017, ‘Cheer’, for our festive listening pleasure. Sublimely haunting stuff.

And heavy hitters Drinsipa have quietly dropped a six-track mini-album/EP Poppy Fields on Bandcamp. And they’ve only gone and made it free as well to download, you lucky dawgs [technically it’s name your price, so be generous and give them a few shekels] . The stoner/grunge/metal duo wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered the thing in Poppy Fields estate in Kettering, hence the title.