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New Music Friday: Mundays

Mundays are a new Corby-based three-piece, playing lo-fi psychedelic garage rock. Their debut EP The Best Day Of The Week, Friday has just been released. Hear it below, after reading this…

Mundays are a new Corby-based three-piece, playing lo-fi psychedelic garage rock. Their debut EP The Best Day Of The Week, Friday has just been released. Hear it below, after reading this engaging interview with singer/guitarist Beb Reed.

How did you guys get together?
Jack and I are brothers, Josh is our cousin! Me and Josh are in Drinsipa, and we were really interested in the idea of playing some softer, more “songy” songs. In late 2017 we started writing some stuff and it sounded cool so we decided to book some gigs as a two-piece. It worked, but it didn’t sound as full as we would have liked it to, especially with the happy chords and such, so we decided to look for a bass player! We like the idea of being in a band with our mates so although my little brother didn’t play bass we decided we’d try teach him, and it’s been going great so far! Jack doesn’t play a lot of music, but like us is a huge fan of listening to music, and I think being able to work with someone who has no previous experience is quite interesting as you get a fresh set of ears when you’re writing songs, especially when you’re writing songs for the sake of writing songs, and that being the main focus of the band. He listens to a song and says whether it’s good or not, as apposed to picking it apart and trying to make something “original” or “clever”.

How would you describe your sound?
We go for quite a lo-fi, fuzzy and simplistic sound, having only bass, guitar and drums. We use a lot of guitar sounds to make the songs sound more characteristic than they may sound on their own. If the songs were played on acoustic guitar, they may sound quite basic and what a lot of people might describe as “poppy”. Drench it in phasers, attack it with fuzz and throw a couple of happy sounding harmonies in there, and you get something close to Munday’s sound.

Who are your main influences?
For our actual sound we take a lot of influence from the bands in the California psych circle. Anything Ty Segal has graced with his musical genius. Wand. Meatbodies. As far as songwriting goes we take influence from whatever pops out at the time, or whatever subject we think would suit the instruments. Me and Josh are big fans of MGMT too because the lyrics are brill, so I take a lot of inspiration from them. Our first single ‘Phoan’ has been compared to Oasis which is a weird one because we had no intention of that; nonetheless, cool.

Tell us everything about the EP.
Single ‘Phoan’ is the first track we’ve released from our debut EP. We recorded the song with a couple of microphones in my dads house, and it turned out well! We’ve had a really good response so far, and were even more buzzing that Jay Russell has mixed and mastered the EP for us. The title and lyrics are quite self explanatory. It’s about waiting around by your phone for a call or text from a special someone, and no I don’t mean a girlfriend or boyfriend or anything…some people may understand what we are talking about…

What are your live shows like?
We play a lot with storytelling in our live shows, often having some weird robot voice going through the front of house, and some ambient or sometimes nightmarish pedals being played around with. We like to think of each song as a chapter or section in the set, and the voices roughly tell a story, or at least provide a basic theme for the performance. We like to improvise a lot too! We dedicate sections of songs to playing about on pedals, interacting with the audience, or more story telling! We like to try have fun with it!

Are you part of a wider scene in Northamptonshire, playing with like-minded bands? Any favourite bands/venues to play with?
As of yet we’ve only played a few local shows, but I can definitely see us being tied in with certain bands. Skirt, King Purple, Deaf Trap, Toucan are just a few names off the top of my head that we have/love playing shows with. We played The Hut recently after it being desolate for a while, that was cool.

What has been your favourite band moment of the past year?
I think we all love playing shows and putting on a performance. For me, the best part of being in the band is the planning, rehearsal and finally playing the gigs. There’s something very rewarding about preparing an actual performance instead of just playing songs in an order. When you finish playing and you’ve done a good job, it feels like you’ve put the best version of your band and yourself out there, and it’s really exciting to hear feedback and to plan the next.

What was the last album you bought/streamed?
The last album I listened to was This Town Needs Guns –
Josh: The Fall Of Troy – Manipulator
Jack: Burbank – Rose Water

What is your burning desire for the band to do in the future? What plans do you have?
Obviously the burning desire for the band would be to be in a position where this is how we could make a living or at least be able to do this the majority of the time. A particular dream for mine is to be able to tour somewhere really hot and sunny with some cool like-minded bands, somewhere like California, or Spain. Lovely weather over there… We just enjoy playing music together and hopefully one day something will come of it, but if not, this is just as rewarding.

The Best Day Of The Week, Friday is out now on Bandcamp [see below]

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New Music Friday: Oddity Island

Kettering’s woozy indie rockers Oddity Island formed in early 2017 and a year on have readied their debut single, ‘Finger Puppets’. New Boots spoke to Alex Gardner (vocals/ukulele) for the lowdown…

Kettering’s woozy indie rockers Oddity Island formed in early 2017 and a year on have readied their debut single, ‘Finger Puppets’. New Boots spoke to Alex Gardner (vocals/ukulele) for the lowdown on this song and more.

New Boots: How did you guys get together?
Alex Gardner: Well Will Bates [guitar] and I went to college and uni together and were apathetically pondering the idea of trying to make something at least resembling a band for years but never got anything really going. Then we started seeing Sam Draper [guitar] everywhere we went. He had a little bit more drive then me and will to get something started so we met up for a jam and that was that. Finding Paul Parry [drums] and Simon Game [bass] after that was just pretty organic. Paul being Sam’s brother and all and we just got our mate Simon and told him to learn bass… he did.

How would you describe your sound?
We are all in to psychy/shoegazey kinda stuff. I think that’s pretty evident in the music. But there is a massive folk influence on it too. Especially melodically. Then Paul pretends he is in a much heavier band and music comes out. I guess that question is hard to answer definitely; that’s probably a good thing.

What do you think are your main influences musically?
I kinda feel like I don’t know. Like I never really directly think of anyone in particular. It’s just a mess of stuff that’s been crammed in ours heads, right? I would say Neutral Milk Hotel or Beirut or something personally but the rest of the band would say something completely different

What are your main influences outside the world of music?
Nicolas Cage in Wicker Man.

This song seems very anti-religion. Is God deader than ever?
If we count it by his cultural relevance then probably yeah. Not exactly current is Our Kid God. I don’t think of the song as anti-religious though. But more anti Faith. Blind faith anyway. It’s more about being confused about why people need religion rather than hating religion. I mean religions in terms of history and culture is actually incredibly interesting. It’s just the whole ‘I believe in this because I do and that is all the proof I need’ kinda attitude that doesn’t sit well with me. But then again live and let live and I really do understand the comfort in it. I guess that would be nice.

What are your live shows like? Are you part of a music scene in Kettering, playing with like-minded bands?
Live we just try and put as much energy and possible in to it and try to have fun. We have a few slower songs that build up to burst of energy then back down….then back up. We don’t like to stay in the same place very long.

In terms of the scene we play with a lot of cool people round here. It’s a very talented town really, it just has a hard time showing it off nowadays. The scenes there but there’s little to rally around. Speaking of like-minded bands The Abrahams have helped us out a lot with gigs and stuff which we appreciate a lot. Check out there new album it wonderful.

What was the last album you bought?
Derevaun Seraun by Kiran Leonard

What has been your favourite band moment in the past year?
Going to Bournemouth to record. Me, Sam and Paul all slept in a car in the middle of November after going out. It was one of the coldest but one of the funniest nights I’ve ever had.

What plans do you have for 2018?
To gig as much and as far afield as we can. We are also gonna record a kinda live EP in the very near future.

You can find Oddity Island on Facebook and Twitter

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