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Infinite Loяe: “Flex feels like a haunted synth party. “

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Infinite Loяe

New Northampton synth-rap experimenter Infinite Loяe delivers lines like no one else. The mysterious man finally breaks cover to talk over new track ‘Flex’ with New Boots.

How did you start with this project?
‘The Neptune Experiment’ started over a year ago. Initially it was just a mixtape idea, I had but it evolved with time.

How would you describe the Infinite Loяe sound?
I don’t really know how I’d describe my sound…’experimental’ perhaps. I do like to make quite atmospheric instrumentals though, and I think there’s a certain rawness to my sound. Maybe that’s it: ‘atmospheric and raw’. Cinematic too. When I was a kid I made grime music, and the first beats I ever made were grime beats, so that’s a part of my foundation in that sense, and I think it shows. But nowadays I don’t aim for any particular genre, I really like to experiment.

‘Flex’ is your fourth single. What was the reaction like to the first three?
I don’t know too many people’s real reactions to my tracks, but if I had to guess, I’d say it’s quite mixed. Feedback is always welcome, but I take it all lightly… I think that’s necessary.

Tell us about this new release, ‘Flex’.
‘Flex’ is a vibe. My favourite thing about the tune is the instrumental. I think this tune is a bit less wordy than my previous releases. The sound is a little funky and more playful. I find it difficult to describe/explain my tracks in any concise way, but I kinda feel like they speak for themselves, at least, as much as I want them to. But yeah, ‘Flex’ feels like a haunted synth party. It’s got a bit if a Halloween vibe to it and it’s a mood if you ask me.

How has lockdown been for you? Helped or hindered your creativity?
I’m not much of a socialite anyway and having all the time off work helped my productivity a lot last time round. It was much easier to focus.

What was the last album you bought/streamed?
The last time I listened to a whole album all the way through it was probably Better Late Than Never by XP BURSTGANG.

What are your burning desires to do in the future? What plans do you have?
I can’t be giving away all my plans, but there’s lots I wanna do. My main focus at the moment, in terms of music, is ‘The Neptune Experiment’ 🔱

Flex’ by Infinite Loяe is out now via the usual digital platforms

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