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Jay Faded: “The shows are always ram jammers with good vibes”

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Jay Faded

Bassline/garage/D&B DJ and producer Jay Faded is making waves across the globe with stone cold bangers like ‘Ripped Up Roses’. New Boots took five with the man.

New Boots: How did you get into making music?
Jay Faded: So, my brother was a Drum & Bass MC this got me interested in music. When I was 16 I downloaded FruityLoops [studio software] and it all started from there. I was originally making more rap, trap and EDM beats.

Who were your main influences and inspirations in those early days?
In the early days it was Stooki Sounds, Troy Boi, Flava D, Valentino Khan and AC Slater.

You’ve dropped a lot of tunes over the last three years. What has the reaction been like? Does your music travel all over the world?
The reaction has been really good, better than I ever expected it to be. My music travels all over the world. I got booked in Estonia and Russia last year, and a lot of my fan base is in Australia.

Tell us about this new banger, ‘Ripped Up Roses’.
It was the first tune I made in lockdown in my new studio. It’s been received nicely, and it’s a bit different to what I usually do. We tried something different with the campaign behind it, which pulled in a lot new eyes!

What are your DJ shows like?
Well, there hasn’t been any recently! But usually they’re live: good variation of people and cultures. It’s just a melting pot. The shows are always ram jammers with good vibes.

Have you been working with fellow NN artists? I see you’re in the latest DeBe video.
Yeah I’ve worked with him. We’ve actually got an absolute stinker dropping on one of the biggest electronic labels in North America, coming out early next year!

How has lockdown 2020 been for you? Has it helped or hindered your creativity?
Personally, though Covid is a tragic thing, it has gave me opportunity to really get my head down and work on my sound design and refresh the Faded vibe. It’s been good; creativity comes and goes though.

What was the last album you bought/streamed?
Mac Miller – Swimming

What is your burning desire to do in the future? What plans do you have for 2021? 
Tour Australia and North America, and basically visit every country in the world. As well as getting out some of the best music I’ve ever made, and keep elevating.

‘Ripped Up Roses’ is out now via the usual digital platforms

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