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live album review: That Joe Payne ‘By Name By Nature Tour’

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That Joe Payne

By Name By Nature Tour
[self-released CD + DVD/Blu-Ray]

Filmed at The Crescent Theatre in Birmingham in October 2020, this By Name By Nature Tour release is the first live product from the Northampton-based ex-Enid singer-songwriter. And it is something of an audio-visual treat, as Payne and his band side-step the pandemic situation to pull off a mini-triumph of an album to enliven our collectively-battered spirits.

A show that wraps up the eight-year career of the prog-popper in one spectacular 90 minute display, it is a great testament to his determination and artistic drive that he got this together. A man clearly displaying bags of pent-up energy, the early section of the performance is based around complex choreography to a background video screen. It is an impressive sight as he sings and moves with precision, whilst the super tight band never miss a beat.

Payne charms the covid-restricted audience with anecdotes and song introductions. The set is split between songs from his debut album, numbers from the 2012 The Enid album Invicta [which Payne was a major part of], plus some covers/reworkings that reflect his tastes.

The stylistic changes never jar, the mostly prog-pop songs from By Name. By Nature of such a quality that you can see why he headlines shows. He gets to be ‘Mr Soulful Loverman’ in a George Michael-stylee on ‘Love (Not The Same), which unexpectedly and rather thrillingly turns into James Brown’s ‘It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World’. His classical and baroque reworkings of Purcell and Ludwig feel natural.

He finishes with a flurry: a Methexis number he worked on, his sumptuous solo single ‘I Need A Change’, and finally an Invicta highlight ‘One And The Many’. His standing ovation from the audience is well deserved. This is a treat for both the die-had fans and casual observers alike. Once the pandemic is over it should be his time to truly flourish in the spotlight.

Phil Moore

By Name By Nature Tour from That Joe Payne is out now as both CD/DVD and CD/Blu-Ray packages from his official site.

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