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New Music Friday: Cousin Avi

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Returning to the game with a first single in a while, ‘Burn Right Up’, Northampton/London fivesome Cousin Avi continue to produce the high-energy pop we’ve come to know and love. New Boots went in to get the skinny.

How did you guys get together?
Founder members and old school friends, Ross and Stuart, formed Cousin Avi in 2007. Francisco joined the band as frontman shortly after a spontaneous audition in a guitar lesson with Stuart. Duncan was a known and respected drummer on the local music scene and he joined the outfit in 2009. Cousin Avi played as a four piece until they discovered the talents of local keyboard wizard, Jacob, in 2011.

How would you describe your sound? Who do you feel are your main influences in music?
We’ve always had an eclectic sound. Our individual influences cover everything from reggae to metal and over the years we’ve experimented with and fused lots of musical styles. The fundamental elements in the Avi sound are groove, soul and energy. Song is king for us, so we fight to serve it with honour.

Would it be fair to say you’ve had a bit of a relaunch in 2019?
It feels like a natural progression for us to freshen up our image and branding with each musical project we embark on. As a band with a constantly evolving sound, it’s important for us to capture and expose the phase we’re currently in. 

Tell us about this banging new single, ‘Burn Right Up’.
‘Burn Right Up’ was the first song of many that we penned in our most recent writing phase. It’s a simple celebration of lust and love, suitably dressed with spiky verses and a powerful poppy chorus.

You appear in demand to play a lot of festivals. What are your live shows like?
We’re a live band, through and through. That’s what we write for and that’s where we get our kicks. Our music tends to have a ‘feel good’ energy, and this seems to translate well at festivals. 

Do you feel part of the wider scene in Northamptonshire?
It would be fair to say that we have been somewhat disconnected from the Northamptonshire music scene in recent years. Having been fully immersed in a lengthy writing and recording stage of our development, and with two of us now residing in London, it’s been difficult to stay active and involved within the local scene. That’s not to say that we aren’t aware of the plethora of amazing bands and artists making music here. It’s a talented town, and we’ve had the pleasure of sharing stages with many wonderful acts over the years. A special mention goes to anyone and everyone that has ever been involved with ‘Twinfest’. The festival has presented us with priceless opportunities to play in our twin towns of Marburg and Poitiers, from which we have gained unforgettable experiences and formed long lasting friendships. 

What has been your favourite band moment of the past year?
I think we can all agree that any time we’re on stage together, playing our music will always be regarded as our most treasured moments. 

What was the last album you bought/streamed?
Between all of us, our most recently streamed artists include: Hablot Brown, Hot Chip, Hatesphere, NAO, Deaf Havana, Patawa, Tuxedo, Gary Clark Jr, Modest Mouse, Dan D’Lion, Bitte Orca, Vulfpeck, and PREP.

What is your burning desire for the band to do in the future? What plans do you have?
I guess it’s kinda cliché, but ultimately we all dream of giving up our day jobs and doing this full time. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to earn a sustainable living wage within the music industry, but that doesn’t stop us from trying. 
Our plan for the next year is to release all the music we’ve been making over the last 18 months, and to be more active on the gigging front. Let’s see where that takes us…

‘Burn Right Up’ is out now via the usual digital platforms


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