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New Music Friday: Deep Sea Mountains

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Northampton indie-rock types Deep Sea Mountains have just released a new, Stalkers Studios-recorded EP entitled Pipe Dream. Watch the video for the title track below, but first New Boots spoke to singer and guitarist Will Sey about it – and the bands’ past and future.

How/why/when did you guys get together?
Deep Sea Mountains have been playing together for four years now. When I first started playing live I was a solo acoustic act. As the songs grew my peers and I recognised the need for a bigger sound. I put together a band (all friends) to perform and record with. We played together for a bit, then two of the band members followed their hearts and left the island. The band was still young and Al Humphries and I were keen as ever to get going again, so I asked my friend Joe [Martin] to try out on the drums and my father-in-law Robin [Pugh] to try out on the bass. Both Joe and Robin were new to their respective instruments but took to them like a duck to water. It worked, we were happy – and are still creating now!

How would you describe your sound?
I would describe our sound as somewhere between indie, punk, britpop and grunge. That would describe the EP sound. The 2016 album spans many more genres, but we had to find ‘our sound’ and I believe this Pipe Dream release has done so (or at least helped).

Who/what are your main influences in and out of music?
Musical influences for me come from many sources. I am a huge Pink Floyd, Radiohead and Muse fan, have always loved heavy music, even a bit of hip hop and dubstep. Although I believe most inspiration has been drawn from the Northamptonshire music scene. Non-musical influences are drawn from the desire to help people, urging folk to get a big dose of nature therapy on the regular as I genuinely believe it brings peace to the body and mind.

Tell us about ‘Pipe Dream’.
‘Pipe Dream’ is the result of a bad time at work. I was in need of change and hadn’t acted, the result was a sense of gloom I couldn’t seem to shake. So I signed off with stress, headed out for a long walk and returned with a song about the comfort zone.

Do you feel there’s been a progression since the self-titled 2016 album?
I feel we have progressed. I’ve started playing electric now so the sound has grown. We are now writing as collective too so that adds many new dimensions. The album was mostly written when we started rehearsing so now there’s a freedom with the new material. It all feels a lot fresher.

What are your live shows like? Do you feel part of a music scene here in Northamptonshire?
The live shows are a lot of fun, we all know what we need to do and seem to get a lot of good feedback. We’re lucky enough to have had considerably more good gigs than bad ones too! We’ve been a part of the local music scene for many years now and have had the pleasure of playing alongside many superb artists. I don’t know what it is about this town but we are spoilt rotten on the music front.

What has been your favourite band moments so far?
Recording the album was a huge deal for me. After writing and playing for so long with no releases under my belt it felt like a huge milestone had been reached. Its a great feeling knowing that our songs are out and available, across the globe. In 2015 we had a headline show for Twinfest; this also felt like a huge milestone for me.

What was the last album you bought/streamed?
‘Science Fiction’ by Brand New.

What is your burning desire for the band to do in the future? What immediate plans do you have?
My desire for the band probably has to be a tour of some kind, preferably global. More shows, more festivals and more releases. Immediate plans are to put ‘Pipe Dream’ on a hard copy and then plan a launch night. Meanwhile, we have three new songs to work on ready for our next trip to the studio!

Pipe Dream can be downloaded for free from Bandcamp

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