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New Music Friday: Hana Brooks, Deaf Trap, Jordan Mackampa

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More new sounds for a Friday. Hana Brooks has released her debut single, ‘Leave It’. Watch the video below (shot in the US, no less). The anthemic synth-pop number has plenty of spark and personality, and will no doubt win her many plaudits as the Northampton singer/songwriter travels far and wide to work with the hottest producers and play more of her already-renowned live shows.

Brooks told the Urban Hustle site: “’Leave it’ is about being with someone who doesn’t know what they want. The feeling of being played hot and cold and when you try to walk away they try and stop you. I wrote the song coming to the point where I was ready to walk away and that’s what leave it’s about, walking away from something that isn’t good for you”.

Also out now is the second EP from Deaf Trap. The Northampton alt-rockers have put out a three-tracker entitled ‘Miscreants‘, featuring ‘From The Floor’, ‘Real Nice Night’ and ‘Guillotine’. The EP, recorded by Jon Martin at Stalkers Studios, contains more top notch emotional rock’n’roll with distorted guitars, rumbling rhythms and anthemic choruses. It’s available to download and stream from iTunes, Spotify, etc., plus there are CDs to be purchased from their upcoming shows (such as The King of Hearts Festival at The Black Prince tomorrow).

And finally another song has appeared on Spotify from Jordan Mackampa, ‘Battlecry’. It’s taken from the Live From The Grand Cru EP, out early 2018.

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