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New Music Friday: Krysthla

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Emerging in 2012 from the ashes of Gutworm, Krysthla bring you intense heavy metal, emanating from the Wellingborough area. They released their debut full length album, A War Of Souls And Desires, in September 2015, and speedily following it up in 2017 with Peace In Our Time. Krysthla’s powerhouse delivery is brought by Adi Mayes [vocals], Neil Hudson [guitars], Carl Davis [bass], Noel Davis [guitars], and Wayne Minney [drums]. On the verge of album number three coming out New Boots shares the new video for single ‘Zero Sum Game’, and spoke to bassist Carl for more juice.

How would you describe your sound, and how has it evolved over the three album cycle?
It’s basically the groovy end of extreme metal. The sound has evolved over the albums and we’ve introduced more melody, texture and layers as we’ve progressed.

What was the reaction like to the last album from 2017, ‘Peace In Our Time’? You seem to have gotten great press and radio support.
The reaction was amazing. To be sat at number two in the Amazon rock and metal charts was pretty mind blowing. We received some great reviews, and the support from the industry and the fans has been great all along.

Tell us about this new single, ‘Zero Sum Game’. Who directed the video?
‘Zero Sum Game’ is about life, death and everything in the middle. The constant pursuit of a way of life that ultimately doesn’t fulfil yourself, either emotionally or spiritually. The video was directed by Josh Gurner from Hacktivist. He did a great job.

What can we expect from album number three, Worldwide Negative?
It’s another progression and it’s a darker album than the first two. There’s a lot of personal elements and it’s probably more relatable to the average person. It’s going to be heavy. Very heavy.

You are a strong part of the music scene in Northamptonshire. Any favourite bands/venues/people you wanna give a shout out to?
The Northampton scene is very strong at the moment and there’s loads of great bands. From Eden to Exile are one of our favourites.

Looking forward to Bloodstock 2019? Have you played before? What other festivals do you love to play?
Yes we played with Gutworm back in 2004 and Adi played with Deadeye in 2005. We played it with Krysthla in 2016. It’s an amazing festival and we can’t wait to hit up the main stage. We are also playing HRH Metal in February [in Birmingham].

What was the last album you bought/streamed?
Adi and I both bought the new Wildhearts album. It’s a great straight up rock record. The latest Vola album Applause Of A Distant Crowd is awesome too.

What is your burning desire for the band to do in the future after the album is out? What plans do you have?
We’d still love to play Donnington as that’s a box we’ve not ticked as yet. The plan is to spread our wings and hit as many cities as possible. There’s plenty of countries that we are still to cover so we’ll be back on the road in support of the release that’s for sure.

Zero Sun Game’ is out now via the usual digital/streaming platforms. Worldwide Negative is out August 16th

Krysthla live this summer:

13th July – WOLVERHAMPTON, The Giffard Arms
20th July – AMPLIFIED FESTIVAL, Eastington
10th Aug – BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR (Mainstage), Catton
25th Aug – NOTTINGHAM, Ye Olde Salutation Inn
27th Sept – GLASGOW, Nice N’ Sleazy
28th Sept – DUNDEE, Hordes X
29th Sept – INVERNESS, The Market Bar

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