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New Music Friday: Orange Clocks

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East Northants collective Orange Clocks have decided to release the audio from their appearance from the Sonic Rock Solstice festival this year, and this seemed like a good opportunity to find out a bit more about them.

How would you describe the Orange Clocks sound?
It’s psychedelic at heart but it can go in any number of directions, depending on who’s pulling it. All of us bring different biscuits to the barrel. Everything apart from techno biscuits.

What was the reaction like to the Tope’s Sphere 2 album from 2017?
It got a reaction way beyond our expectations; the album received great reviews online and in print. Everyone we’ve met has said they loved it, with the exception of the inflatable slide operator at Leeds Town Show, who made it quite clear that he didn’t.

This new release is the recording of your 2018 Sonic Rock Solstice gig. Tell us about the show. Why release it?
SRS was the first festival we got to take Tope’s Sphere 2 to, and it was the perfect home for it; it’s a festival packed full of psychedelic space cadets and the sounds to match. We were lucky enough to be filmed by a crew on site – Howling Mad Productions – who sent us the tapes after we’d played. Right out of the blue a few weeks later, the sound guy from the festival (Pete Wibrew) gave us the full audio from the show in 16 tracks for us to mix. After we’d pieced everything together as a full video, it just seemed like a good idea to let everyone else see and hear it. Bad Elephant Music [our label] were good enough to promote it for us.

Are your live shows what spur you on?
It’s a really fun part of what we do, especially having a slightly theatrical element to the performances – but we love the creative part just as much; jamming, writing and recording…

Are you part of a wider scene in Northamptonshire?
Not really. We’d been confined to a shed for about eight years, until Tope was born, when we decided to come out for some fresh air. You could say we’re part of the ‘#RushdenBeat scene’ – coined by James Turner at Bad Elephant, due to several of our labelmates originating in Rushden and the surrounding area.

Aside from Sonic Rock Solstice, what has been your favourite band moment of the past 12 months?
Occasionally being able to get the whole band together (eight of us) in one rehearsal room at the same time for a three hour practice.

What was the last album you bought/streamed?
Chas and Dave – Gold

What is your burning desire for the band to do in the future? What plans do you have?
We’ll make something new soon… but we don’t make firm plans, just let it happen naturally and record it when it’s ready. We’d also like to play at Glastonbury, then be abducted by aliens…



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