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New Music Friday: Ginger Snaps, Jordan Mackampa

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Sadly, not together (imagine that for a moment though).

New tunes for a Friday from a couple of Northampton-based artists.

First up Ginger Snaps, aka Jay Brook and chums. The fourth single, following ‘Paranoid’, ‘Phat Kids’, and ‘Number Crunching’, is more kooky rap-pop, this time with guest vocals from Vo Williams. Speaking to Dork, Brook says that “Ginger Snaps is a thing that allows me so much scope. I’ve done a pop single, a funk single and this new ones a bit baggier. I’m enjoying just working with different musicians so it stays fresh!”

Jordan Mackampa, meanwhile, previews his next EP (‘Live From the Grand Cru’, due 2018) by dropping ‘Give Into The Dark’. The singer-songwriter is continuing to co-write material with Olly and Gayle from Turin Brakes, from which this song and the rest of the EP is made up. ‘Give Into The Dark’ is a typical confessional Mackampa gospel-folk tune that tingles the spine and burrows into the synapses on repeated listening.

Mackampa told Clash magazine: “I’m saying that the ‘real world’ feels less like a dream come true and more of a nightmare. So by giving into the dark, I escape to a place where I’m at peace, giving me the chance to runaway from the war I’m fighting; even if it’s only for a moment or two”.

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