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NN Archives: June – Part Two – 2009-2008

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Here’s the fourth of our bi-monthly dives into the county’s music past over the last decade or so. In this NN Archives, we’re looking at gigs in the month of June from 2009 to 2008.

We’re only looking at a two year period this time as it was a busy one. Fewer local acts feature this month, however, quite a run of touring acts coming to the county.

For anyone who missed Part One and Part Two looking at May and the first part of June earlier this month in Part Three, this a monthly trawl through the thousands of photos David Jackson has taken over the years, mixing national touring acts playing in the county and musicians from the local scene.

Rather than look back a year at a time we’re doing it month-by-month, to give more of an immediate dive back into NN’s musical past and to tie things into the current month.

Same shameless plug as before, go visit https://davidtjackson.com for more stuff like this from the NN scene and beyond. Most of the content is currently on the Latest Updates page, as the galleries are being redone at the moment.

Jack Penate – Roadmender, Northampton
Jamie T – Roadmender, Northampton

Black Kids
– Soundhaus, Northampton
Cage The Elephant – –
Roadmender, Northampton
Get Cape Wear Cape Fly-
Roadmender, Northampton
Glasvegas –
Roadmender, Northampton
Gutworm –
The Racehorse, Northampton
Stone Gods –
Soundhaus, Northampton
The Rascals
– Soundhaus, Northampton

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