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Raging Speedhorn: “this was the plan from the get-go: to get this album to chart and to show people that we still have what it takes”

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Raging Speedhorn

Corby-born metallers Raging Speedhorn came back in 2020 with sixth album Hard To Kill, and everyone loves it. New Boots speaks to drummer and mainstay Gordon Morison.

New Boots: Congratulations on the success of the new album. Raging Speedhorn have always been a successful band, but since the 20th anniversary celebrations of 2018 there really feels like a renewed love affair going on.
Gordon Morison: Yes it is a bit of a surprise, but a lot of hard work went into this record. This was the plan from the get-go: to get this album to chart and to show people that we still have what it takes as a band to put a good record out. I think we had more to prove on this record as well, with three members leaving the band. I think people thought it would just be a waste of time, but we proved them wrong.

The album, recorded at Parlour Studios in Kettering, is polished and brutally huge. You must be ecstatic with how it sounds; producer Russ Russell knowing your sound inside out now, having done Lost Ritual.
Frank [Regan, vocals] and I have known Russ since we was kids, so he’s known the band from the start. We always wanted to work with Russ, but it just didn’t happen till the last record. I would say Russ is the seventh member of this band: we will never record with anyone else now. He just knows what we want, and puts his spin on the record. We’re all really happy with the outcome of this record.

Behind the scenes there’s been a few line-up changes, but you’ve managed to keep the essence of the band intact. What do you attribute that strength to?
I think it’s because me and Frank know what the sound should be. But you have to be open to new ideas as well. From how we sounded when we first started back in 1998 to what we sound like now: I think we sound different in some ways, but the core of the band sound and attitude is still there. That is what makes Speedhorn. 

You’ve become renowned for awesome merch. Who is the genius behind them? Any more in the pipeline?
That would be me and a guy called Dom Sohor. He has done most of the shirt designs since we got back together in 2014. He also did the new album cover. We’ve got more ideas for merch, so watch this space. 

Socially distanced gigs are the new thing, and you’ve announced a run of shows. Excuse the pun: how does this new way of gigging sit with you?
We’ve just had to rescheduled for the third time. Now its looking like they will take place in February 2021. To be honest we just have to get on with it. If we can just get on and play shows I’ll be happy.

With everyone scattered around, do you foresee a busy time for the band in 2021 and beyond?
I’m actually based in South wales for the last 17 years, so I’m used to traveling with shows and being busy. I really hope so: we’ve quite a few festivals in the UK and Europe and shows getting booked in, but it all depends on covid I guess. We have already starting writing the new record and hopefully we’re looking at recording at the end of next year.

Hard To Kill by Raging Speedhorn is out now. Buy here.

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