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Step On: the week’s best new music tracks [Feb 19th]

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Vibe Chemistry

New Boots editor Phil Moore takes you through the best new tracks this week.

Izzie Gibbs ‘WASS’
A third single in as many weeks, all in-your-face grime assaults on the senses. This is my favourite, a granite groove quietly slinking away underneath his bars. Said it before, will say it again; don’t understand how Izzie Gibbs is not all-over-everything famous. Maybe 2021 is the right time…

Vibe Chemistry ‘Fall In Love’
Down in Deanshanger, on the NN/MK border, is producer Alex Morisco-Tarr aka the Vibester. Brewing up D&B that’s won him plaudits across the globe, this fully-loaded club anthem is a collab with Magenta, Warhead, Jameszyuk, and Big T. Check out the reggae-tinged ‘Loving You’ too, also just out.

J Carlyle ‘Intruder Alert’
After the consciousness-raising last outing [read our interview], Carlyle leans heavily on dancehall and R&B for this hip-shaking follow-up. The man is so versatile, it’s pretty outrageous how he keeps the quality so high. One of New Boots tips for 2021, he’s reaching playlists all over the globe, so make sure you’re following him before he blows up!

Sarpa Salpa ‘Another Life’
Grin alert! This new single is slick robotic synth-pop from ShoeTown’s favourite five-piece. Dancefloor-focused and just a completely fun slice of Technicolor funk that will remind you of better days [I mean, of course, 2019]. Here’s to their upcoming tour going ahead, and them slaying more radio playlists in the very near future.

CB ‘Sweet One’
Garage / house producer Charlie Borthwick sets forth another riot of sonic colour from his studio. Lots of panning and cut-up sounds to disorientate here, but with that rhythm working its thing solidly along the way it’s a first-rate winner. It finishes way too soon; fortunately there’s always the repeat button.

Luc Aus ‘Heaven-Sent’
‘Nights In North’ is the debut EP from the Northampton / Nottingham 21 year-old. An artist who runs between R&B-pop and clubby beats on his vocoder-heavy tunes, he is all about creating atmosphere. Late night, smoke-filled, amorous vibes is clear on ‘Heaven-Sent’. If that’s your bag dive in to this EP goodness.

Ben Boden ‘Ghost’
Artist, teacher, LGBTQIA advocate….ten years into the Northamptonian’s music life and still there’s a hunger there to impress upon our lives his soothing, redemptive sounds. ‘Ghost’ is a song that takes the musical / filmic build-to-a-climax template to deliver the message. There’s some lovely vocal moments in there; when he really goes for it you can’t help but be impressed.

Cloud Division ‘Burning Up’
Kettering-based EDM producer throws out a proper banging deep house cut, swooshing sounds and all. Over the past two years he’s refined his tone, and is coming up with these club anthems for non-club times. Imagine a DJ set by him in 2022, it would GO OFF.

Sharmaine ‘Move On’
The early career of pop singer-songwriter Sharmaine Webster is devastatingly encouraging. A silky voice, producers behind her who compliment what she’s aiming for, and ultimately a way with melody which the radio will clutch tight to their chests. Imagine what the teenagers going to be achieving 12 months from now?!!? NN has birthed another star; mark those words.

Frettlyst ‘You Know You Need Me’
Single numero three from the Kettering band and it’s their best yet. Insistent indie-disco rhythms, a slinky lead riff, and a memorable vocal from Laurence Holt all adds up to anthemic gold. Bouncing around to this, and their other crackers, come the live return is going to be something else.

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