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Step On: the week’s best new music tracks [Jan 15th]

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New Boots editor Phil Moore takes you through the best new tracks of recent weeks.

slowthai ‘Mazza’ [feat. A$AP Rocky]
Starting 2021 as he means to own it, this is the third track from sophomore album Tyron to escape. And yes his life is clearly as crazy as ever, as he’s now teaming up with another US rap superstar. More intriguing instrumentation like ‘nhs’ and ‘feel away’ before it, ‘Mazza’ is based around a cheap sounding organ, leaving the focus to them two sharing their tales of excess. It’s not ‘Doorman’, there won’t be mosh pits losing their mind, but like all three Tyron tracks it still oozes his special charm.

Billy Lockett ‘Inbetween’
Track two from upcoming EP ‘Reflections’ [March 5th], our recent single of the year winner keeps the mood simple here: direct, tender, humble. Not as cinematic or anthemic as ‘Wasting Time’, it still displays his classic singer-songwriter skills in an Elton stylee. His chorus falsetto is as touching as you would always want it to be, giving melancholia a good name [as always].

Kai Rodriguez ‘Freak On Me’
A true hard house number from the rising NNer, who will be one to watch closely once the clubs are back. Only his second release, yet a full understanding of how to build a solid vibe is clearly in evidence. Pulse quickening joy in January, now there’s a rare thing.

Manners ‘Rich & Prosper’
Now four years into his adventure, his music is as sharp as ever. This one is a bit of an anti-authority tirade, with the chorus catchy as hell. His dancehall-flavoured rap is always crisp and cold; the future is his if he wants it.

Mighty JY ‘Spaceman’
New artist for 2020, this third release from the Kettering solo artist Joe Young is confessional downtempo hip-hop. It got my head rocking, and his flow is strong, as is guest KASPA. 2021 should see more quality from this direction.

Keiran Smith ‘Empty [Be Right Back]’
The Kettering-based alternative singer-songwriter is working through his personal loss with music, and coming up with haunting nuggets like this one. This style suits his talents well; you’d be hard pressed not to feel something powerful when listening in.

We Are Giants ‘Talk To Me’
A rock song? I’d forgotten these things existed, such is their paucity during this later period of the pandemic. The Northampton trio rarely fail to deliver, and this blasting emo crunch-fest is up there with their best work.

LT Quickscope ‘Odeon’
One of the most entertaining rappers of the past year has been this fella. No change with his latest, telling the tale of cinema etiquette and the flouting of the rules over some chunky, clubby house beats.

Vince Law ‘Warzone’
The debut single from young ‘The Cxxperative’ member is as brutal as it is short. Sweary as fuck, rapping “Northampton is where my heart is” is a sure-fire way to get on the NN Playlist. Great track, full of drama and knife-edge tension, this is an outrageously good sign for the future.

Hamzysho ‘Paid In Full’
Hard R&B flow from the Northampton upcomer, and a strong finish to the year in which he impressed with his State Of Mind EP early on. Plenty to come from this real player.

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