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Step On: the week’s best new music tracks [Oct 30th]

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Corinna Jane

New Boots editor Phil Moore takes you through the best new tracks this week.

Arlo Parks ‘Green Eyes’
“Some of these folks wanna make you cry/But you’ve gotta trust how you feel inside”. An anthem for the LGBT+ community in the making right there, 20 year-old Parks continues to take her heartache and turn it on its head. Another soul-jazz drifter with nifty beats, I cannot wait for the debut album Collapsed In Sunbeams [Jan 29].

Beans On Toast ‘The Village Disco’
As Jay McAllister prepares to get Knee Deep In Nostalgia [Dec 1st] with his latest album, produced by Frank Turner, the London-based solo artist here touches on first dances and discovering new truths in your early years. Unlike his usual lo-fi recordings this is full t’ brim of Hammond organ [and even a whistle solo], and proves he’s as interesting as ever. Great video too!

Corinna Jane ‘Give Me A Sign’
The Northants-raised[German-born] pop-rock singer has taken 2020 by storm, bucking the trend of most artists! Two of her releases this year have racked up over 300,000 plays on Spotify alone, and this highly-polished original one is good enough to hopefully repeat the trick, and win her new fans.

Aimee Steven ‘Today’
More understated, yet cinematic and dreamy, indie-pop from the Liverpool singer. Trading in sultry vocals that move from a whisper to a scream, her strings-assisted collaborations with producer Jon Withnall feel gloriously out of fashion with modern trends. That only makes her work all the more powerful.

CAT SFX ‘Reunite’
It is exceptionally hard to make alt-rock work in this day of age; so much of it sounding like a copy of a copy. So when a quality tune pops up I will jump on it. A new signing to Alan McGee’s Creation23 label, ‘Reunite’ is an energised slice of riot-grrl-inspired protest punk from the Londoners. Anglo-Italian frontperson Caterina Speranza whips up quite a lyrical storm, as does the rest of the band, who all have their own raging chops going on. Ones to watch in 2021, for sure.

Dreadz ‘With Me’
Fourth single of 2020 from the Northampton dancehall man who spreads love wherever he goes; this one is about smoking and chilling with the one you love. All this tunes are smoother than smooth, all smile creators. He should be better known; get all over this guy please.

Amii Dawes ‘Under The Waning Moon’
The ShoeTown singer-songwriter presents her second single of the year, and quite different to ‘Uninspired’. This is up-tempo alt-folk, with plenty of lovely guitar lines running throughout. All Dawes songs seem to be slow-burners – it’s usually on the third play that I really connect with them, when all the hooks are clear and present. A superb voice, too. A victory for subtlety.

Mr. Milise ‘An Ode to the North Hamm Tune’
Commissioned by the BBC, this pays tribute to Northamptonshire. It touches on the rich history and extensive heritage: Kings and Queens, gunpowder plot, the Civil War, and the beauty of the countryside. A moment to reflect on positive side of the Rose Of The Shires – plus 50% of iTunes sales go to homeless charities in the county.

Daniel Hugh ‘Demons’
New Boots interviewed this Northampton singer-songwriter a few weeks back. We thought we knew him. Maybe we didn’t! For on ‘Demons’ he’s put down the acoustic and whacked out the synths. It’s got a soaring pop melody, and whilst it’s not got the commerciality or pomp of, say, The Killers, it’s dark charms are clear [Future Islands, perhaps?]. Anyroad, it’s a lovely thing to shout about.

Twin Lilo ‘Please, Make Yourself Uncomfortable’ EP
Josh M-Smith resurrects his old ShoeTown band moniker from 2017 and finishes the EP that was always promised. It’s sort of garage-band with pop-punk overtones, finished whilst this pandemic freed up some time. With lyrics that reflect social anxiety and roles in modern society, it is a rewarding if sometimes difficult listen.

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