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Video premiere: Sarpa Salpa ‘Smith’

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Northampton quartet Sarpa Salpa release their new single ‘Smith’ tomorrow, and we can exclusively reveal the video today.

The band have also chosen to make this a vinyl release, on a limited red 7″. The video was shot by director Bella Evans.

Bassist Ethan Whitby on ‘Smith’: “The song is about a relationship that was just starting before being split suddenly by one person leaving the other confused, upset and angry! So a really feel good track as you can imagine… We recorded this with Ben ‘Faz’ Farestvedt over at Damage Audio in Bedford back in early spring time.We’ve worked with him on all records since ‘She Never Lies’ way back last in August last year, and we are back in the studio with him over the next few weeks. We are very lucky to work with someone not only very talented and who gets our sound, but generally just a really nice guy as well!

Guitarist George Neath on the video: “‘Smith’ is a fairly angry track and we wanted the video to reflect that! The red and white imagery was intended to represent love / anger simultaneously! We shot the video with Bella Evans, she does a lot of art/design for the band so was fun working with her! We wanted to stick to the DIY approach lot of the props for the video we created / painted ourselves!”

And Whitby again, on the appeal of vinyl: “It’s hard to deny that in the last few years vinyl has had a pleasant comeback, so instead of printing CDs, like we’ve done for the last singles, we decided to try something new! As well with a vinyl you get a lot more options for design; not only do you have more area to work with but things like coloured vinyl and all that kind of jazz”.

‘Smith’ is available digitally from Friday September 14th. Sarpa Salpa Facebook



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