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Album review: Midnight Brewers

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Midnight Melody Highway

Midnight Brewers are a Northants-based duo, consisting of Hamish MacNamara and Ross Snaith, who write and record music from their bedroom studios. Last year they released two EPs and their debut album. So far in 2018 their single ‘Midnight Melody Highway’ has been played on radio stations, including BBC Radio Northampton. They describe themselves as a mix of genres, though there is a definite alternative influence to their grooves.

Title track ‘Midnight Melody Highway’ is an instrumental song you could certainly relax to, starting with a steady drum beat then kicking into action. Halfway through the song takes a major turn to reveal something quite action-filled; the instrumentation changes to a heavier feel, ending the song with a fade out of an arpeggio riff.

Elsewhere ‘Doctor’ starts off gradually with an upbeat tone, slowly adding more instruments as the song progresses. The tone changes part way through the song, giving it more of a pop influence. The song cleverly uses sound effects to transition into the second part of the song. The lyrics have a clear meaning, which revolves around the idea of a patient relying on a doctor. This could be related to the suggested doctor theme, or could relate to love/matters of the heart, or even drug use. After the lyrics drop out the song seems to take influence from rock using a guitar solo, before ending abruptly. Overall this album has a feel-good, relaxing vibe. Check it out if you like pop-rock with progressive ideas.

Katie Montford

Midnight Melody Highway is out now to download/stream

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