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Step On: the week’s best new music tracks [Jun 25th]

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King Purple

New Boots editor Phil Moore takes you through the best new tracks this week.

Harry Pane ‘Another Page
The Brackley singer-songwriter is a chill playlist creator’s wet dream. His charming brand of indie folk has wide-ranging appeal, and he’s a firm festival favourite even in these pre-debut-album days. His second single of 2021 again is a collaboration with Maia Frankowski, their voices melting together like butter and sugar in some delicious recipe.

ghostofblu ‘Divine Disintegration’
A techno punk sound this time out, a collaboration with HySeak. I absolutely love this one, even if some people might think its a bit more “commercial” [it has more of a straight/regular beat than usual, and you can make out lots of the words!], though it’s still never gonna get played on the radio. Having said that, in a world embracing the sounds of Scalping, PVA, etc. this sort of underground rave/early 90s sound is surely ripe for revival.

MJ Scriptz ‘Be My Love’
The Northampton rapper and producer mixes house, D&B, and old-skool hip-hop ideas to create his own sound. Pop but with an edge, he’s possibly the most prolific artist from around these parts – a new song dropping every week or so. This one has proper ’90s vibes, and is a slammer for the summer. MJ Scriptz is a name that can’t be escaped from now on.

Femi Tahiru ‘Unusual’
Northampton-raised, Manchester-residing Tahiru collects his recent songs recorded during his time at university and releases them under the ‘D.E.M.O.S” banner. Including the previously-playlisted ‘Asking For’ and ‘Signs’, this one is all about the intensity of love and lust – and the agony and ecstasy that all entails. This is a lovely chilled sound, perfect for coming down from a hard day’s graft. His future is as bright as the summer stars.

Ali In The Jungle ‘Star-Strangled Hanna’
The MK indie rockers have an EP out today called ‘Late Night Triple Bill’, and this is the opening track. It’s got energy to spare as it syncopates towards your face, tongue out, like a happy dog. There’s some cynical lyrics in there which are quite witty an’ all. I recommend you hit the summer dancefloor and feel that bassline do its thing up and down your spine.

C Scarlet ‘Do You Wanna’
New artist for NB, C Scarlet is another Milton Keynes artist, but from the different world of euphoric clubby R&B. She emerged during 2020 with a clutch of similar sounds that mix her pop vocals with house and R&B sassiness. There’s lot to get into here on ‘Do You Wanna’; it is a meaty beaty mover that will turn heads.

Dreadz ‘Mustang & Sally’
Your man has been away growing his family, so good to see him back after six months away. Hooking up on a drill-type sound for this harder sounding number, his delivery has a real edge, just as he gets seriously steamy with his “hand on your hotspot”. Lots to love here as he moves forward whilst still remaining himself.

Skyflood ‘Having You In My Head’
Nice to hear a rock band release a song; with so little studio time during covid it’s been a rare thing. Nine months on from ‘Lost In Your Mind’ is this epic-sounding tune in the U2/Coldplay mould. Lovely sounding piano and guitar cascade from somewhere heavenly, and Craig O’Donnell hits his falsetto with aplomb as always. One day this Northants band will get the recognition it fully deserves, and with songs like this it’s not too far away now.

Tu-Kay & Ryan ‘Stormbound’
Storms may come/Take a walk into the sun”. As life advice goes that’s pretty succinct – and on the money. The production on the duo’s latest single is top notch; background sonic vignettes revealing more on each listen. Of course when their two voices meet something magical happens, time after time. ‘Stormbound’ has an understated, humble beauty that cannot be denied.

King Purple ‘Need Your Love’
We finish this week’s picks with the fabulous – and final – single from the sadly departing Corby quartet. They bid farewell with the sprightly, tight-grooved blues-rocker about falling hard for a beau. The b-side here is a sweet live version of previous fave song ‘Warning Signs’ live from The Black Prince, played right after I had presented them with their Single Of The Year award for 2019 [mercifully you don’t get to hear that speech!]. Thanks for the memories, lads.

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