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New Music Friday: Krankhead

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No Luck’ is the debut single from Krankhead, aka Mio Flux and Patchy, The Rockstar. The larger than life duo are Northampton’s future, and New Boots caught up with all their goings on.

We previously spoke to you both individually, but first explain how you guys got together to make the act.
Mio Flux: We had been making music and performing together for over 18 months, and thought it would be easier for all if we went under one name. We have the best chemistry together so it was a no-brainer to create a duo.
Patchy: A few years back, while we were both working at Toys R Us, we’d been doing our own thing, and didn’t know how we hadn’t already hooked up. So we started making original music together; smashed out shows, festivals – and here we are. Krankhead is born.

How would you describe your sound?
Mio Flux: Energetic and gritty. For my beats I love to have a lead melody in the hook, that definitely is from listening and obsessing over the likes of The Strokes and The Smiths as a teenager. Adding all this to influences from producers like Metro Boomin’, Murda Beatz and Kenny Beats gives me my sound as a producer. Patchy and myself just read each other, I know when he’s going to go mad for a beat I’ve sent.
Patchy: I think we have a very new age sound, mixing wavey beats and catchy choruses. Our aim is to bring the energy and hype you up! 

‘SNL’ came out 20 months ago. What have you been up to since then?
Mio Flux: Making so much music, and shooting videos. We want to be consistent as Krankhead. We have three singles with videos already to go.
Patchy: Working hard on original music as our new duo name Krankhead. Pushing a lot behind the scenes with new songs, videos and all sorts. So much to come soon! 

Tell us everything about this new single, ‘No Luck’.
Mio Flux:
‘No Luck’ is all about how hard we have worked the last couple of years. Patchy raps about what we want in life and how luck is not needed because of our work ethic. For me when I made the beat I knew instantly it was going to be a big song for us, it had so much energy and rage even before Patchy could lay any vocals down. The imagery is so important too; we have Bertie [Jacob Newton] who directs and shoots all our videos and visual editor Horizon smashed the graphics. The video is shot on an iPhone at our show supporting Sarpa Salpa, with loads of drawings and writing overlaying all done by ourselves. For me, my favourite part of ‘No Luck’ is the merch. The tees are funny and match the video with the assets on.
Patchy: We recorded it around 2am at the start of the year. I remember we had about 25 minutes left of an early morning studio session in London and I think we made an absolute banger. It’s got the hype, the energy, some wordplay – and I think it’s catchy as hell. We’ve been working hard on the music video with one of our favourite guys ‘Bertie’, who we have been making some amazing visuals with for just over a year. So you can expect a lot more to come from all of us after ‘No Luck’.

Describe your live show in five words or less.
Mio Flux: Energetic, rage, fun and loud.
Patchy: Sweaty, Sweary, Hype, Loud and Lit.

How has lockdown been for you?
Mio Flux: I’ve been focusing on this release sorting promo and the website out. We have really mapped out the next few months and feel it really is time for Krankhead to be a thing. But also have been playing way too much FIFA.
Patchy: I mean we would obviously love to be sitting in the studio together making music. But honestly the alone time at home gives us both plenty time to get prepared for the first studio session out of lockdown. We have all the time in the world to make beats and write songs, plus the power of the internet means we can still be in contact and share ideas.

What was the last album you bought/streamed?
Mio Flux:
Wunna by Gunna. A modern rap masterpiece.
Patchy: Pierre Bourne – The Life Of Pierre 4.

What is your burning desire for Krankhead’s future? What plans do you have?
Mio Flux: I want us to play festivals. We got a taste last year playing The Great Escape Festival and I want a whole summer filled with festival dates. But hopefully when gigs get the green light we can organise a tour in the UK.
Patchy: We want to be doing major festivals and shows all over the world!

‘No Luck’ is out now via the usual digital platforms

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