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New Music Friday: Oddity Island

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Kettering’s woozy indie rockers Oddity Island formed in early 2017 and a year on have readied their debut single, ‘Finger Puppets’. New Boots spoke to Alex Gardner (vocals/ukulele) for the lowdown on this song and more.

New Boots: How did you guys get together?
Alex Gardner: Well Will Bates [guitar] and I went to college and uni together and were apathetically pondering the idea of trying to make something at least resembling a band for years but never got anything really going. Then we started seeing Sam Draper [guitar] everywhere we went. He had a little bit more drive then me and will to get something started so we met up for a jam and that was that. Finding Paul Parry [drums] and Simon Game [bass] after that was just pretty organic. Paul being Sam’s brother and all and we just got our mate Simon and told him to learn bass… he did.

How would you describe your sound?
We are all in to psychy/shoegazey kinda stuff. I think that’s pretty evident in the music. But there is a massive folk influence on it too. Especially melodically. Then Paul pretends he is in a much heavier band and music comes out. I guess that question is hard to answer definitely; that’s probably a good thing.

What do you think are your main influences musically?
I kinda feel like I don’t know. Like I never really directly think of anyone in particular. It’s just a mess of stuff that’s been crammed in ours heads, right? I would say Neutral Milk Hotel or Beirut or something personally but the rest of the band would say something completely different

What are your main influences outside the world of music?
Nicolas Cage in Wicker Man.

This song seems very anti-religion. Is God deader than ever?
If we count it by his cultural relevance then probably yeah. Not exactly current is Our Kid God. I don’t think of the song as anti-religious though. But more anti Faith. Blind faith anyway. It’s more about being confused about why people need religion rather than hating religion. I mean religions in terms of history and culture is actually incredibly interesting. It’s just the whole ‘I believe in this because I do and that is all the proof I need’ kinda attitude that doesn’t sit well with me. But then again live and let live and I really do understand the comfort in it. I guess that would be nice.

What are your live shows like? Are you part of a music scene in Kettering, playing with like-minded bands?
Live we just try and put as much energy and possible in to it and try to have fun. We have a few slower songs that build up to burst of energy then back down….then back up. We don’t like to stay in the same place very long.

In terms of the scene we play with a lot of cool people round here. It’s a very talented town really, it just has a hard time showing it off nowadays. The scenes there but there’s little to rally around. Speaking of like-minded bands The Abrahams have helped us out a lot with gigs and stuff which we appreciate a lot. Check out there new album it wonderful.

What was the last album you bought?
Derevaun Seraun by Kiran Leonard

What has been your favourite band moment in the past year?
Going to Bournemouth to record. Me, Sam and Paul all slept in a car in the middle of November after going out. It was one of the coldest but one of the funniest nights I’ve ever had.

What plans do you have for 2018?
To gig as much and as far afield as we can. We are also gonna record a kinda live EP in the very near future.

You can find Oddity Island on Facebook and Twitter

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