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NN Archives: September – 2019-2004

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It’s September and for once, we haven’t left the latest installment of the NN Archives until the last day of the month!

The NN Archives is our our monthly dive into the county’s music past over the last decade or so. In this month’s NN Archives, we’re looking at gigs in September from 2019 to 2004.

For anyone here for the first time, this is a monthly trawl through the thousands of photos David Jackson has taken over the years, mixing national touring acts playing in the county and musicians from the local scene.

You can check out May (Part One and Part Two), June (Part Three and Part Four), July (Part Five) and August (Part Six) via the links.

Regular shameless plug as before, go visit https://davidtjackson.com for more stuff like this from the NN scene and beyond. Most of the content is currently on the Latest Updates page, as the galleries are being redone at the moment.

Thumper / Deaf Trap – The Black Prince, Northampton

Stormbringer / Still Remains / Parallax – Roadmender, Northampton

Rita Ora – County Cricket Ground, Northampton
The Jesus and Mary Chain / Brix & the Extricated – Roadmender, Northampton
UFO – Roadmender, Northampton

Krysthlia – HMV, Northampton

Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls / Koo Koo Kanga Roo – Roadmender, Northampton

We Are Fiction / Violet / Unknown local support – Soundhaus, Northampton

Levellers – Roadmender, Northampton

Little Man Tate – Roadmender, Northampton
Jubilee – Soundhaus, Northampton

Jimmy Eat World – Soundhaus, Northampton

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