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Rocked Up Hootenanny 2018: your guide

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The third Rocked Up Hootenanny festival takes place this Saturday September 8th at Rockingham Motor Speedway, near Corby.

Tickets are available for £25 by clicking here.

What follows is the stagetimes across the three stage areas.

12.15 The Touch
1.05 Haema
1.55 KOYO
2.45 Sharkteeth Grinder
3.30 Fights & Fires
4.25 Wars
5.20 Veins
6.15 Palm Reader
7.10 Acoda
8.05 Press To Meco
9.00 INME
10.15 Arcane Roots

12.30 Penelope Tree
1.20 The Modern Age
2.10 Luna Rosa
3.00 Skirt
3.55 Century City
4.50 Monarchs
5.45 Sarpa Salpa
6.40 King Purple
7.35 The Scruff
8.30 Bloody Knees
9.25 Jamie Lenman

12.20 Detrimental
12.40 Jamzy Bandicoot
1.00 Real Junior
1.20 Normzilla
1.40 Cwidzy
2.00 MWM
2.25 Just Sean
2.50 Flash Peasants
3.15 EXP
4.00 The Untouchables
5.15 The Enablers
6.00 Comprehend
6.45 Stayboy Sun Sun
7.00 Strizzy Strauss
7.15 Stanza Divan
7.30 Lloyd Luther
8.00 Flame Griller
9.00 People’s Army

For more info on the festival visit the website and Facebook page.

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