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Step On: the week’s best new music tracks [Dec 4th]

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New Boots editor Phil Moore takes you through the best new tracks this week.

Do Nothing ‘Glueland’
Nottingham post-punks continue to be one of the most interesting bands of the past year. With their scratchy guitar, rumbling synths and mumbling vocals they aren’t looking to reinvent the wheel, more just enliven your day with the spirit of British weirdness. Keep them coming, guys.

Maja Lena ‘Avalanche’
Absolute ethereal beauty from former Low Chimes singer Marianne Parrish. The West Country-dwelling Swedish songwriter hits the ground running on this one; her pastoral Kate Bush atmospherics a telling mix of her past and present narratives. As winter approaches curl up inside her unique charms.

ghostofblu ‘Crown’
His tenth track of the year, the Yorkshire/NN industrial rapper is still firing on all cylinders, and pulling in listeners from all corners of the globe. He works with different producers, this time PLAGUE and HELLSING, but James Wiesner’s vision is always clear. Total, pummelling annihilation of the enemy, of course.

Potwash ‘Think About It’
Singer/guitarist Cameron Godfrey is obviously the man behind Tragic, but here he’s exploring other avenues in his bedroom. There’s a nod to ‘Doorman’ with the tv sample at the start, before a hyper riff and primitive drums skid across the room. It’s lo-fi post-punk for larking skater kids, and is an agreeable diversion from the heftier crunch of his main outlet.

Our Man In The Field ‘Great White Hope’
London-via-Teeside gentleman Alexander Ellis commands his brilliant band – pedal steel, guitar, banjo, upright bass, drums – to elevate his great alt-Americana songs, touching upon Neil Young, Ryan Adams, Wilco, and Roy Orbison along the way. A first-rate voice, those high notes especially giving all the feels.

Romaa ‘In My Zone’
The 18 year-old Northampton artist has flown under the radar locally up until now, but that won’t stay the same for long. Already a few singles in and with the people responding well, ‘In My Zone’ contains hip-hop bravado and some nice touches of old-skool R&B in the smooth vocals. Precision-engineered to rock your car as you screech around the suburbs.

Anna Mae Kelly ‘Waver’
Fourth and final single from her first year in the “proper” releases market, ‘Waver’ is the most laid-back and rootsy so far from the Kettering teenager. Focusing on her way with a piano and vocal melody, the studio touch ups are few and far between. You can easily hear her influences, from Elton to Taylor Swift and Adele, but you always come back to her stentorian voice. Always strong, deep, rangy, and – above all – infectious. Already she has all the hallmarks of a future superstar, and that’s no exaggeration.

Li-Likeisaid ‘How Many More’
Pro-basketball player and Uni Of Northampton student somehow has time to throw these fun flavours out. This one’s about the beauty of the bouncing ball, three pointers etc. He shoots as hard here as on the court.

Sharmaine ‘Oh My’
The debut single from Northampton R&B singer Sharmaine Webster. Mixing up reflective piano and upfront beats, it’s a beguiling mix – all held together wonderfully by her honeyed vocal tones.

Tiim James ‘sonic_assassin_’
Brand new player to the game, as the Northampton crew expands and expands. The vibe is deep on this one, with hard hitting bass drops reflecting the dark synth tones and the agitated bars. Some ’90s references in there alongside the modern beats. It’s a winner all up.

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