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Step On: the week’s best new music tracks [Nov 27th]

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Mr. Milise

New Boots editor Phil Moore takes you through the best new tracks this week.

Nia Wyn ‘Muzzle’
Neo-soul Welsh singer Wyn is a real talent. Teaming up with fellow London resident R.A.E. [herself delivering a fresh middle-section flow], ‘Muzzle’ is upfront R&B 90s beats underneath a dirty bassline that doesn’t just walk, it positively stalks. She should be a star by now, and given the quality she’s currently knocking them out at she’s no longer but the future but the now. You can catch her on tour supporting Paul Weller in March [or whenever that tour eventually happens].

Izzie Gibbs ‘Stack’
They love to watch when you’re the man”. And watch we do, as the killers keep coming. This one features newcomer NN DER, and is once again produced by K1. More R&B vibes on this slower number following the agitations of ‘Blessings’, but its no less powerful. The pair work well, swapping flows with no small panache.

SHRINK ‘Eraser’
Sam Breathwick wrote this one about the unconditional care his mum showed in supporting his brother during hard times. The Kent singer is at the cutting edge of sonics, treating gentle guitars and vocals in a way that imbibes them with existential dread. Throw synths, jazzy bass, and weird chords into the mix and ‘Eraser’ is an emotional homespun gem that suggests a serious talent is slowly revealing itself.

Maddox Jones ‘World’s Gone Mad’
“I always wear my heart of my sleeve”. And so he does again, on this stirring follow-up to the excellent Headspace EP. Written with compadres Mikey Austin-Riley & Dave Crawford and with some production from Billy Lockett, this is the aural comfort blanket we need right now. Declarations of love and friendship that sound gloriously affirming, as this piano-led pop number does, are to be welcomed with bear hugs as we slide into winter.

Amaroun ft Jungs Mergs ‘Highest Head’
Jay Brown finishes the year in style with her gutsy seventh single. The surprise package of 2020 from the NN, this is another stoned trip-hop prizewinner from her bulging locker. Teaming up with the east London rapper/producer Jungs Mergs, who gives a full-revs flow in the centre of this track, it is Amaroun’s angelic voice that is the hypnotic lynchpin, as the dreamy production swirls around her.

Dxnte ‘The Wave’
The man with the magic loves a freestyle, but his studio output is nothing to be shy about neither. Hot on the heels of mixtape Tales Of Love & Loss, which landed last August, is this excellent moody number featuring a guest rap from Mylo Bruxe.

Mr. Milise ‘Time On My Own’
Aka Quinton Green aka Champagne Bubbler is throwing out tunes quicker than New Boots can keep up! This is the least “spoken word” number to date: it’s a “real” song with rhythms, peaks and troughs. With Billy Lockett on production duties and the spellbinding vocals of Darla Jade, your hero articulates the pain of a doomed relationship with real insight and, seemingly, heaps of regret. Stirring stuff.

Luke Noble ‘Anything Else’
From the forthcoming ‘Things Weren’t Perfect’ EP [Dec 9] is this delicate rumination on the fragility of relationships, and how sometimes escapism is the answer. Nice song structure, Noble is a talent on the guitar, switching styles continuously throughout; from a whisper to a scream. From ShoeTown acorns can grow big things…

Family Of Noise ‘Pull To Inflate [Full Potential remix]’
The Corby instrumental trio have been relatively quiet these past couple of years, so it was a sweet surprise to have this remix appear. It’s their own hands dance remix of the opening track to their ‘II’ EP, and very nice and Pop Will Eat Itself it sounds too. Mon the fon!

In Peril ‘Bad Dreams & Battering Rams’
Brand new hard rock band from Northants, In Peril features four savvy musicians riding the line between stoner rock and both barrels goth-rock. The recording has that live feel which really helps with atmosphere, and there plenty of slices of action within to keep you on your toes. It certainly whets the appetite for 2021, and what they will come out with next.

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