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Step On: the week’s best new music tracks [Jan 29th]

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New Boots editor Phil Moore takes you through the best new tracks this week.

Dxnte ‘Dead Stars’
Taken from the ‘Dx Tapes’ EP/mixtape, the East Londoner with NN roots rolls with a deep cut of mature, ’90s-flavoured R&B that itself carries a soulful 70s vibe within it. His words are all his own: a conscious, slow rap style, reflecting on his aspirational future journey as his past still haunts him. It’s another example of one hell of a talent to be very excited about.

Josh Jones ‘Free Fallin’
The 20 year-old Northamptonian emerged last year with a series of jams: some guitar-based, some beats-based, all helping to find his voice and style. He has kicked off the new year with his most fully-formed work to date. This simple, finger-picked ballad is a falling-in-love charmer. Nothing big or clever, it’s just done exceptionally well.

ChillsNTA ‘Red Light’
The [Jamaican-born] Wellingborough resident rapper is now seven singles deep. And that’s not the only things that’s deep, as this is a song very much about the sex. And it’s hard to argue with his confident delivery over sparse beats. GRMDaily are firmly on board, and now so is NB.

Lassco ‘Let’s Go’
A debut single; no idea about this NNer regarding biography. I do know this dark and dramatic number is dominated by an unmistakable, uber-confident delivery from Lassco. Here’s your entry to the ground level; get in. This ride could go high.

Yvng Specs ‘Dat Guy’
Northampton resident, turtleneck fan, dancehall viber Simba is “fresh like Sinatra”. Solid steel drum-aping riff works great in tandem with how the story flows. Beats that deserve expensive speakers, and a lover nearby. I feel an interview incoming for the next release…

Harry Mockett ‘Floating Around
After that sweet late ‘Summer‘ corker, Mockett returns to his solo work with another solid slice of stoned pop. His bedroom pop – sorry, make that “shed pop” – is always a welcome turn on the playlist. After overcoming his life hurdles it will be great to see him out in the real world, post-covid, spreading his happiness music.

Janx ‘Wasteland’
Mystery NN artist making noise at the softer end of digital hardcore. Quite the lo-fi vibe: industrial-sounding guitar riff, primitive programmed beats, and an impassioned slamming vocal on top. Let’s prise this one out into the open, shall we?!?! We have a live one here, so let’s hope he keeps it rolling with the good stuff.

Hxrmz LB ‘Trapping All Day’
Liam’s skills as a rapper just grow and grow; the ShoeTown man is now approaching the top table on all fronts. Superb production from Oakfield Beats on this. Liam’s vocal guest here is the mysterious 0Tripz, and he’s also on fire. Keep on trapping, lads…

Dylon Dean ‘Angel [Cut Me Open]’
The haunting, bruised sound of NN10. Warbling background synths punctuate the fragile guitar and voice delivery of a soul searching in the wilderness for some meaning. Daniel Johnston fans should dive in.

Hollie May ‘The Beauty That’s Around Me’
Second single from Northampton’s idiosyncratic indie-soul singer. With the assistance of Stevie Ward [Canyons], she’s unfurled a country-soul tale that slowly seduces through both a powerful voice and a sympathetic arrangement. The torch song influences shine strong, and with growing interest in her burgeoning career 2021 should be an interesting one with her as part of it.

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