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Step On: the week’s best new music tracks [Oct 9th]

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Goat Girl

Photo of Goat Girl by Holly Whitaker

New Boots editor Phil Moore takes you through the best new tracks this week.

Lord Apex ft. CJ Fly ‘Belize’
Heavy London sounds with producer V Don giving out with lo-res doomy synth soundscapes, and your hero spitting stoned bars on top like its the primetime of the West Coast. The lyrics and outlook are all his though. Check the extensive Lord Apex discography of the last five years, especially new album Supply & Demand.

Goat Girl ‘Sad Cowboy’
The South London quartet ratchet it up several notches on this first cut from sophomore album On All Fours [Jan 29th]. This is pretty much a proggy house/synthwave tune played for kicks, stripping away some of the angst of their earlier work for something with more care-free abandon. It is all sorts of ace, boding well for that crucial make-or-break long-player.

bloody/bath ‘I Stood Bleeding’
Things don’t appear to be getting any less murky for Kailan Price and his lo-fi bedroom manoeuvres, as this song is again swamped in half-light reverb and, frankly, haunting vocal lines. Cinematic yes, but an independent film where the couple split up amid concrete motorway vistas. You will want to cry, and that’s fine.

Salt Ashes ‘Cut You With A Kiss’
Co-written by our very own Maddox Jones, Brighton-based Veiga Sanchez does synth-pop with the steely determination of someone born directly into its fabric. This has a catchy clubby chorus that will follow you all day. Blessed be the fruit.

Joseph Stewart ‘Club Baby’
Milton Keynes in your area, this is a moody little winner, all dark club vibes and plenty of sounds dropping in and out to keep you on your toes. Oozes like a trip; Stewart’s bars don’t dominate, instead everything just sits together beautifully. Take a dive in sometime.

Krankhead ‘Space Coupe’
Second single from Mio Flux and Patchy The Rockstar under this moniker, and its frighteningly good. The link up between dirty bassline and Patchy’s delivery is on point, and there’s a nice dreamy interlude bang in the middle of the grime goodness. This is one act you just can’t take your eyes and ears off.

Debe ‘White Lies’
This is a dark cut from Northampton’s bright talent; all sparse beats and bag-loads of tension to match the drug paranoia of the story. Not one to spin at a house party, but a work of personal pain that translates experience as warning. Take heed.

Karl Phillips & The Rejects ‘Ingurland’
This is the actual first proper new single in a few years and boy oh boy it was worth the wait. One of the funniest men in the NN postcode region, he takes down all the idiots of 2020 in this great nation in one, hilarious fell swoop. The music is the usual riotous ska-punk that will slay them all when proper gigs are back. The video is immense too.

Jake Brown ‘Opium’
A bit of lovers R&B from your man, with sweet lyrics and that dominant voice giving it a top table place. Late nights forever!

Remieworld ‘ShowBiz’
The singles are coming thick and fast from the Midlands rapper, and hot on the heels of ‘Tom Cruise’ is this vocoder-led, filthy language-loving romper stomper. “Show me high times” indeed, Remie – keep ’em coming.

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