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Step On: the week’s best new music tracks [Apr 2nd]

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Harry Pane

New Boots editor Phil Moore takes you through the best new tracks this week.

Harry Pane ‘Dream Of You’
Brackley’s finest Harry Pane teams up here with Maia Frankowski on a haunting folk duet. Written on a ukulele when they first started collaborating, there’s some sumptuous string work by in praise of folly too that lifts the track another notch come the denouement. Your Sunday chill playlist has another track for inclusion right here courtesy of Harry Pane.

Press To MECO ‘Smouldering Sticks’
Another preview track for forthcoming album Transmute, this one is all about the groove. Great fuzz bass courtesy of NNer newbie Jake Crawford sets the template, and then the vocal draws you in. Expect drums and guitar fireworks by minute three, then strap in for the rest of the journey. Press To MECO continue to prove why they are one of this country’s finest rock bands, and no mistake.

props ‘I Don’t Mind’
Another optimistic bit of indie bedroom pop from Mark. This one has that retro video game feel in amongst the stretched-out groove earworm he has basically perfected by now. This one is about “self-preservation on those days where everything that could be going wrong, is, and all the people who could be pissing you off, are”. Man I can relate to that…  

Kid Distance ‘Take Me’
Anyone dancing around their kitchen pretending the pubs and clubs are open? Just me then. But if you are then your soundtrack should always include the super Kettering teenager Kid Distance, for she knows how to build and break and push all your EDM-mind buttons.

Nevmore ‘Flavours’
NN8 [Wellingborough to you and me] keeps spitting out edgy and funny-as-fuck rappers. Nev sounds heavy as, MF Doom-style on ‘Flavour Of Love’. There’s a lot of words crammed into this idiosyncratic romance; you better pay attention. Sister track ‘Flavour Of Madness’ brings out the ghetto funk guns to give you a swearier, ruder version of The Fresh Prince. And if these flavours don’t make you happy then go check your cold dead heart at the doctors.

Celine Ellis ‘Too Late’
Towcester singer-songwriter offers the story of one of the hardest lessons in love you can ever experience – when you realise how much you need someone after you have already lost them. Ellis, in her gentle country band way, asks – but is it too late? It’s another emotionally-charged, catchy winner from one of the Midlands best-kept secrets.

deadboi ‘Habits’
Charlie Brigden produces this new one from your boi from Kettering World. A bouncing groove to back his life tales, it’s his brutal honesty and random non-sequiturs where the charm lies. This is sex, drugs and rock’n’roll done proper; and with a first-class beat. Check the video here.

Mr. Milise ‘The Thought Burns’
“If everyone is losing their troops then who’s winning?” The poet, youth mentor, and – let’s not forget – rapper, returns to his roots on this track. This sermons about the short-sightedness of gang culture, with pop-hop backing that really has an undeniable groove. This is such a beast of track that everyone should hear. Reflect, celebrate, rise above.

Auld ‘Jekyll Island’
The Northants quirky indie-folk troupe briefly split towards the end of 2020; things seemingly come to a natural conclusion after the Plant Music album. A few months later and they released the error of their ways! This comeback[?] is barely audible, sea shanty-channeling, Bon-Iver-esque hauntological music; softly glorious in the most hushed way possible.

Jamie Thompson is the Rothwell-based guitarist, producer, and tutor who once bashed it out for Raging Speedhorn until 2016. As well as playing with metal band Leave Nothing he’s re-emerged in 2021 as Creation Myths, touting intense shoegaze walls of sound. Single ‘Warm Waves’ is swiftly followed by this atmospheric, loud-then-quiet-then-loud mini-epic. I imagine a whole album of this stuff would be quite wondrous [hint hint].

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