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Step On: the week’s best new music tracks [Apr 9th] feat. Jay Faded, Sarpa Salpa, Nailbreaker, etc.

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New Boots editor Phil Moore takes you through the best new tracks this week.

Jay Faded ‘Lights Out’
Ten millions streams and counting for the bassline boss of NN. This latest single keeps the levels up high, slamming sounds against melody and rhythm to keep your dulled sinuses from collapsing in on themselves. Clubs are back this summer, and Jay will lead you on your merry dance like a smiling pied piper.

Sarpa Salpa ‘As Good As It Gets’
The synth-funk-pop gang have thrown out a second EP, ‘A Feeling You Can’t Replace’. Containing the already-released bang tidy songs ‘Forward Backwards’, ‘Stick To What You Know’ and ‘Another Life’, it is, frankly, essential listening. This one is a sly little earworm to sit alongside the aforementioned. Special shout out to Jay Russell for his ‘bad trip’ Vestian remix at the end too [he broke my third eye!].

Rawza ‘Alie’
In-your-face grime is old news now, but Wellingborough lad Rawza brings it a new energy in these corona times. The Young Chencs production subtlety blends in dancehall elements alongside the 303 bass lines and club squelches to superb effect, whilst our hero spits about loyalty [“I told my guys/No switching sides”]. Bouncing, mesmeric stuff.

Dxnte ‘Late To The Party’
“Stand tall like Shaq”. A cold tune from the London/Northampton talent. Strong use of vocal manipulation in the hook makes you sit up, and his verse lyrics are excellent too. A Silva Slimz beat underpins the whole shebang.

Hoodee ‘The Hunter’
Somewhere in the murk of Northampton this guy makes electronic rock a la Twenty One Pilots and Royal Blood to please himself and hopefully others. Ok so the drums on this debut mixtape ‘The Day We Lost Connection’ are a bit weak, but there’s load of ideas going on here with synths and guitar, and it’s all done with strong belief that you can’t help but be impressed. The future, but, like, today.

NXRTH ‘Protocol’
Another vocoder-ed laid-back smash from the the young NNer. His visuals are a strong part of what he does, so don’t forget to watch.

Anti!i ‘Narcissist’
The debut release from the skateboarding, clothes-producing Northants lady is the ‘PARADOX EP’. Slaying a few East Midlands Demons right here, this is minimal and atmospheric beat music that feels deeply personal. “I was in the cradle with a frown/And I’ll wear it til I’m six feet down” is a devastating line.

Nailbreaker ‘Clowns’
“Fuck a bluetick and new clique/I ain’t fuckin with these dancers/Crew of topman button-downers looking like they’re on enhancements/Fuck ’em”. Is there anything else to say? He’s still the best reason to lose your shit to at a gig, so please fill his NN shows when we’re back this summer. The ‘Pain EP’ is out now, and you will fall under it’s hardcore spell.

Marieke Vink ‘What Took You So Long’
The Dutch singer-songwriter, who recently has been calling Northampton and Swansea home, has been putting off her original song releases for a long time. Hence the song title. This debut then comes in with a crunchy country-rock-pop vibe, and it is a very lovely thing indeed. A summery tune for better times ahead.

Sammy Byrne ‘Lyrical Helter Skelter’
Some beaut, minimal UKGarage sounds on the ‘Colourblind EP’ here from Byrne, out via Not Normal Records. The tracks stretch out over four or five minutes, building and breaking with aplomb. Old skool is the only skool, right?

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