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Step On: the week’s best new music tracks [Jun 12]

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New Boots editor Phil Moore takes you through the best new music tracks this week.

Niko B ‘Who’s That What’s That’
The story of Tom Austin is so good it sounds made up. The 19-year-old put his first single ‘Mary Berry’ out last year, whoring the likes of TikTok to boost its appeal, and everyone unexpectedly went crazy for it. His music name is thieved from Grand Theft Auto. He’s from Newport. Fucking. Pagnell. This is not the done thing; it’s almost an episode of Dave. But his new one has enough of his faux-naive charm and small town slowthai/Mike Skinner English non-sequitur tales to win us over again. And who likes gherkins, anyway.

Marsicans ‘These Days’
Leeds indie lads are gearing up for their long-time-coming debut album, Ursa Major, in August. Their drive-time pop sheen and delicately crunchy guitars are perfect for soundtracking television montages, or to get your mosh on down the front at a festival. Great vocal interplay between James and Rob give them some USP, and it’s strong again on the chorus of ‘These Days’. File alongside Blossoms and Sarpa Salpa.

Spoort ‘FLYY’
Hinckley finally has something to shout about in the music stakes. These four quirky chaps like to dress up in videos and photo shoots. More importantly, they want to put ear-worms in your lugholes at every possible moment. ‘FLYY’ features samples, breakbeats, and vocal parts you simply can’t forget – even if you want to. It’s pretty hard to categorise [art-rock for hip-hop heads?], and just waiting there to brighten your day.

Bokito ‘Okok’
This London group are making something otherworldy with their layered sound. Is it prog? Almost certainly. It’s basically jazzy electronica, made all the weirder with the “where will it go next?” vibe and the ethereal vocal from hirstute Irish vocalist Moses Moorhouse. Throw in a bit of Afrobeat rhythm and a mighty crescendo at the end and you have the most intense, unsettling, and experimental thing you’ll hear all week. Let’s lift these guys higher, shall we?

Girls In Synthesis ‘The Images Agree’
Post-punk growlers GIS brew up another visceral sensation to drop into their set. John, Jim and Nicole have here a diatribe about modern media manipulation; the dense, abrasive production creating the aural equivalent of boot stamping on a human face, forever. There’s a dub version thrown online too for good measure [think Joy Division meets PIL uptown]. From debut album Now Here’s An Echo From Your Future [Aug 28]. They [hopefully] play The Lab in Northampton on October 24th.

That Joe Payne ‘By Name. By Nature’
We don’t get much of a chance to share symphonic pop-rock that often on New Boots, so thank the gods for Joe Payne! The title track to his upcoming debut album [Aug 7], here the former Enid vocalist gives it both barrels. The opening segment includes, under his stabbing keyboard rolls, a vocoder-ed robotic voice putting Payne in his place. The track then transforms into a rather poptastic four-to-the-floor banger, showing off his layers of vocals and smart way with a memorable melody. A celebration of breaking free and exorcising demons if ever I heard one.

Deadboi ft LT Quickscope ‘Dead Rising’
Another rap from K-Town featuring the ‘Tactical Chunder’ guys, this funny song about zombies has a witty video that harks back to the 2004 Simon Pegg vehicle Shaun Of The Dead. From the forthcoming debut album Do Not Resuscitate, which will no doubt provide plenty of laughs like this one.

Zen ‘Here For You, Forever’ EP
His main vocation is lead squawker in Sharkteeth Grinder, but Corby man Bobbo Haldane has gone on a techno diversion here. It contains all the manic energy you would expect from him. The six tracks possess that proggy Underworld feel that can keep you hooked. Some vocals somewhere would have given it a bit of flavour, but as something of a bedroom pleasure it has much primitive charm. A full album is promised soon, and in the meantime there’s more over here.

Cassini Circles ‘Stuck On Repeat’
The electronic trio are now up to their third release – and their best yet. Aussie Londoner Shannon Kait weaves a vocal raga over some nifty skittering drum patterns and squelchy 808s from Jo and Yoshe. Utterly hypnotic, the songs breaks up and kicks in with effortless energy, and you might find yourself having it stuck on repeat [yes, this far into lockdown means terrible puns]. More like this and the future for this lot looks positively luminescent.

The Trophy Life ‘Fatal Mistake’
Relatively new Bedfordshire/Northamptonshire hardcore/metal posse drop their third[?] single, and it’s as heavy as you after several months on the couch [as you busy your mouth with some more furlough snacking]. I’ve heard some serious guttural growls begin tracks in my time, but this one is up there with the filthiest. The whole track is caked in overdrive fuzz, the rhythm is as strong as a Viking longboat, and you will surely lose your shit over the whole shebang soon into its four minutes. Watch this band fly.

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