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Step On: the week’s best new music tracks [Jun 26]

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L30 Robinson

New Boots editor Phil Moore takes you through the best new tracks this week.

The London psychedelic pop duo to start us off this week, and considering the weather this week the “little drive up to the beach” lyrics seems appropriate [and, given the worry over covid-19, a tiny bit illicit]. Sad Girl a nd Lost Boy follow their translucent dreams via all manner of kitchen-sink Beach Boys/MGMT carefree sonic moves.

Red Rum Club ‘Eleanor’
First 2020 release from the Liverpool sextet, and it’s another anthem for the indie disco dancefloor. This one has a nice programmed drum pattern to give that slight New Order feel; the underpinning trumpet now starting to resemble a band trademark. It’s loved-up hymn to finding the perfect partner, ‘Eleanor’ carries its joie de vivre via that irresistible chorus.

The Moons ‘Riding Man’
They are BACK! If you ignore the 2017 standalone single ‘Fly’ it’s been six years since we’ve heard new recorded output from one of Northampton’s most successful and enduring acts. They’ve chosen a superb, breezy squelcher to mark this Pocket Melodies album phase of the story. The lyrics were originally inspired by Bradley Wiggins Tour de France triumph, and Andy Crofts sounds in fine fettle here. Nifty percussive work from Ben Gordelier too, it must be said.

L30 Robinson ft Har-Q ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’
Taken from mini-album Nothings Free , Leo teams up with buddy Har-Q to give this Northampton-style jazzy hip-hop number that oozes flavour. Battling some nice guitar licks and moody piano, the two share stories of love gone wrong. Plus the video is hoops in the sun on the Racecourse, which is fire any which way.

Shitemare ‘The Shitemare Begins’
Whoa. Jake Crawford [Acoda, Future Love, etc] has gone full shred on a solo project. It’s a real thrashy face-tearer, all recorded by himself and mixed by the equally talented Jay Russell. Who knew he could be so guttural? He’s definitely woke a few beasts with this one. More death please.

bloody/bath ‘Sissy Spacek’
Yuck magazine said “if The Cure created their records in a Northampton bedroom”, and that is exactly the aesthetic. Kailan Price [formerly of the Fox Chapel parish] continues his absorbing tussle with his muse, and this deeply personal and harrowing tale of breaking up is spacey lo-fi miserablism of the highest order.

The Wax Lyrical Sound ‘Black Eyes’
There’s always time for more RATM/Skindred-inspired rap rock from ShoeTown’s fine live act. This take-no-prisoners headbanger is exactly the whirlwind you need to blow away those furlough blues. Meekey is spitting his bars so quick he’s breathless, as you will be at the end of these three minutes. Bring back gigs someone, for God’s sake! Let the WLS do their thang!

Alfie Cridland & Paul Kay ‘Last Day In Paradise’
This has summer radio smash written all over it. Alfie is from Desborough, and his debut single is a collaboration with Scotland’s Kay and south Londoner Evalina on vocals. You’d expect plenty of club action for the group effort, but maybe in the autumn! For now it’s gotta settle for a BBQ playlist sensation.

Elliot Williams ‘The Storm’
Williams the singer-songwriter debuted in 2017 with a lovely EP, and then promptly disappeared to university. Back for 2020 with three songs this month, the Northampton/Nottingham soul uses space and shade to create haunting indie-folk songs that sit somewhere between Chris Martin and Bon Iver. One to watch? Hell yeah.

SkyFlood ‘Tell The World’
Recorded by Neil Hudson at Initiate Audio and Media, the third single by prog-pop NN types is another weighty addition to their growing cannon. It builds slowly with widescreen indie sensibilities hitting headfirst into 70s/80s classicism of the U2/Queen/McCartney variety. The cinematic melody is instantly huggable, and the whole thing seemingly flows into your mind to set up home.

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