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Step On: the week’s best new music tracks [Jun 19]

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New Boots editor Phil Moore takes you through the best new tracks this week.

Celeste ‘I Can See The Change’
Hotly-tipped, Brighton-raised singer with the jazz-soul voice to die for. Her ninth single now, and her most timeless. Believe the hype.

Fur ‘Grow Up’
Another Brighton act, their first single of the year is this smooth indie slow-burner [a la Arctic Monkeys or The Magic Gang]. The croon from William Murray on this one will get you every time. A radio-friendly unit shifter, but there’s more of an Weezer-esque edge to them on the earlier tracks.

Izzie Gibbs ‘Dogs’
“I don’t care if you don’t like me/It’s a love-hate relationship ting, innit?” The message is clear from NN’s most sussed rapper; don’t mess. Another strong single from a seemingly endless stream of them, and the production from K1 KRAZY is sharp.

Voodoos ‘Going South’
There’s an awful lot of post-Arctics lad bands who are excellent live, but have no songwriting talent at all. Not the case with this Coatbridge brigade, as this single, part of their upcoming EP “What Was That Supposed To Mean?”, hits all the right notes. Love and loss in one Strokes-ian, er, stroke.

The Wytches ‘Cowboy’
Dark, twisted, twangy rock’n’roll return from the Peterborough/Brighton garage-punks. After three years off the direct melody is a bit of a curve-ball from their usual more abstract, rough-hewn output. But no less pleasant, and it’s still full of their glorious reverb.

Bang Bang Romeo ‘Stone Cold Superstar’
Chapter two has arrived for the Yorkshire quartet. Another rousing anthem from one of the best live bands on the circuit, this is all sirens, anthemic chorus and big riffs to make you feel 10ft tall. “Turn it up loud, self empowerment imminent…”

Krankhead ‘No Luck’
Finally, Krankhead music! Mio Flux and Patchy, The Rockstar have been using this name for live performances in 2019, and now here is the follow-up to 2018s ‘SNL’ single. It’s just what was hoped for; a cool, energised, electro-rap slammer.

Props ‘You & Me’
Another alt-pop banger from Wellingborough’s mystery man, this one about humans sleepwalking to self destruction. “It’s a shame about the oceans” – a line thrown lightly away, like all painful moments. The ‘We’re going nowhere’ refrain cuts deep right now. Luckily this tune will brighten your mood.

Infinite Lore ‘Trident’
This is epic. Five plus minutes based around a squelching, repeating synth motif, our NN hero spits bars twenty to the dozen. He references Saved By The Bell, Star Wars, martial arts, the planets, and a million other things. His second single, it is utterly nuts, and utterly brilliant. Lets get behind our caped crusader, 100 percent, now.

Duncan Bisatt ‘Crazy World’
Straight off the back of his Release album your local friendly singer-songwriter [Bushpigs, Marabar Caves] delivers a lively, charming pop-rock song about the negative aspects of the social media bubble. It was recorded during lockdown -, with Jon Martin, Ben Gordelier and Bill Westley all contributing parts remotely!

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