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Step On: the week’s best new music tracks [Mar 12th]

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E Double U

New Boots editor Phil Moore takes you through the best new tracks this week.

E Double U ‘Cost Of A Boss’
A song about the pursuit of money, and the cost of money. Another KP Beatz tune, hot on the heels of a second mixtape of 2021 [Road To Ascension], Eddie and KP are clearly on fire in the studio and need to keep the stream flowing whilst its plentiful. If E Double U is not a name on everyone’s lips by the end of the year I’ll eat my hat.

Rawza ‘Vibes’
Young Chencs on production duties again, working those synths with a passion, building sutble melodies over drill rhythms for our hero to spit over. The Wellingborough man is in full effect once again on ‘Vibes’, bringing huge indignant energy to perhaps his best tune yet.

Sleepy Beaucat ‘Riddles & Rhymes’
New Bucks/Northants trio kick off their recording career with this stoned indie-rock gem. Another Midlands band singing about MKUltra [after Luna Rosa], it’s like listening to your wooziest deep R.E.M. dreams. A chorus pedal gets some seriously glorious usage here; the rhythm section float along. FFO early Verve, Ride, and King Purple, there’s huge potential here.

SnipesDinero ‘Stormy Weather’
Just the second single so far from the stylish Northampton rapper, dropping pop culture and politics equally into his bars with supreme confidence, like it’s child’s play, over the drill beats. Check out the sweet Knightsbridge-filmed video too.

Napps ‘Charlie Marsh Freestyle’
The lion himself Tariq did a freestyle to represent Northampton in the Charlie Marsh competition last December, and it went down a storm – so it’s now on the streaming services. Over a Far Eastern vibing backing track, he rhymes with all his usual panache. If you dig then why not donate to his home studio setup fund here.

Hamzysho ‘No Problem’
The ‘Street Philosophy’ entrepreneur is back with his first single of the year, and it’s swaggering West Coast hip-hop vibes [courtesy of fellow NNer Joey Rebz] really suit him. A song about love and loyalty, he’s got a lot of love around the midlands for very good reason.

YTN Kay x YTN Tee ‘Brazy Brazy’
New NN rap duo, following up debut ‘Everyday Swish’ quickly with this summery breeze of a tune, produced by Viper. Singing about trainers, basketball, and video games like “typical 90s babies” seems to be their bag. And mighty fine it is too when it sounds like this. Great visuals too, check their YouTube channel.

The Subjugation ‘Gallons’
Another brand new Northants rock band [there’s going to loads emerging post-covid you know]. These four fit perfectly in the slipstream of the nu-grunge scene developing in Northampton around Tragic, Torus, and The Comms. ‘Gallons’ is lo-fi unpretentious teenage fun, and that in itself should be enough to recommend it to anyone with a beating heart.

Stylvinci ‘Neo [Persia Reloaded]’
A second mixtape from the Corby rapper SuperStars Trap Relentlessly, living a second life beyond his early days life as Kevin Kreezy. A woozier sound these days; synth-led tales of the daily grind that hold well together thematically. With harder edge moments in the bag too there’s loads here to get excited about.

Call Of The Ibis ‘Hard To Miss’
The title track of this five-track album from Kettering’s DJ Sonik, and he brings more dense club sounds to the party. If hard-hitting future bass is your thing then this bird will fly you to your own personal paradise.

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