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Step On: the week’s best new music tracks [Mar 5th]

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Low Girl

New Boots editor Phil Moore takes you through the best new tracks this week.

Jay Faded featuring Debe ‘Savage’
The club king of NN is back, with comrade Debe in tow, playing something of a hype man [“do this shit for fun!”] for all the wobbly bass and hard-hitting beats. It’s party time when this comes on. “Let’s go! Techno!” There’s a whole EP of this stuff to fill your boots with. Jay Faded is ON FIRE.

L30 Robinson ‘Space’
Always one of the best lyricists in the NN game, another corker in a ’90s trippy hip-hop stylee. Bouncy liked a seriously pimped LA ride, you get some ‘help me’ vibes from our hero, who confesses “paranoia’s made me start to question all my Gs”. Never question Leo, alright? Not with these sounds flowing out. Check the Menace Media-made video here.

Low Girl ‘Big Now’
The Herts lass won so many hearts with last year’s ‘ICU’, and now the screen gets a bit wider with this synth-pop rocker. Sara was inspired to write the song over the frustration with the powers that continue to dither on policies to combat climate change, and its powerful sound matches the message. The ‘Big Now’ EP follows on April 30.

From an upcoming project entitled ‘Born Six Feet’, this is a heavier sound from the ShoeTown newcomer, reflecting a frustration at not getting the credit our hero feels he is due. The production is insane on this, you don’t quite know where it’s going next. But the energy is unmistakable, and it’s thrilling 140 seconds.

Zefar ‘Hunger Games’
I’m really zoning into the soul-jazz poetry of this Northampton gentlemen. A different beast to ‘Henny Rocks’, this is laid-back love music from a throwback age, and it’s just what this lockdown-weary soul needs in his ears.

Off Peek ‘Worth’
Featuring some Ginger Snaps organ, this third song from Calam Wright is some more top drawer hip-pop in The Avalanches mould. Samples, scratches, funky guitar; you throw it in and come out gurning.

Tiim James ‘faces__’
New NN artist, here with an EP called ‘Hysteria’ of four tracks. A darker take on modern rap generally, this track however is reminiscent of early Prodigy in its freewheeling beats and use of studio technology. Dive into all of it though, there’s much reward in his particular, near-dystopian vision.

Jess Orestano ‘Gravel Bank’
Produced by Dan Lambert from Valalla Studios, this track from her EP is her flying with a fuller sound; drums, guitars, bass and strong vocals. This one has a very alt-rock song structure, you can hear the Cranberries in there a bit. A lovely thing, her songwriting skills should see her winning more plaudits in future.

James Matusiak ‘Phone’
Second single from the French-born, Northants-raised Matusi. A song about missing your lover, hip-hop infused R&B is the name of the game here [his background in rock bands impossible to detect]. The great vocal is key to this track working, as it weaves in and out of the path of the gentle synth and tasteful beats.

Mighty JY ‘Departed’
Fourth single from Joe Young, this one has moody-as-hell doom synths and a tale of searching for meaning after loss. Late-night seriousness zoomed in from KTown, ‘Departed’ showcases his versatility.

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