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Step On: the week’s best new music tracks [May 21st] | Alfie Cridland, Don Broco etc.

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Don Broco

New Boots editor Phil Moore takes you through the best new tracks this week. Alfie Cridland, Don Broco, props, and more feature.

Alfie Cridland x Cally Rhodes ‘Comfort Zone’
12 months on from his debut and the Desborough man is firmly established as EDM royalty, his first two singles having racked up a staggering 10 million plus plays on Spotify alone. “Feels like I’m always waiting for tomorrow” sings vocalist Cally on this new one, another commercial house banger. Clubbers certainly are; it’s been a while now since we could throw shapes. Almost there…

Don Broco ‘Manchester Super Reds No.1 Fan’
Nu-metal! Bedford alt-rock juggernauts Don Broco, fronted by Rob Damiani, are back with fourth album, Amazing Things. And this taster single has a very early noughties feel with the rap and dance elements alongside the usual post-hardcore sound. It’s pretty fun, especially with the Star Trek-ish video, but the lyrics reflect the darker side of social media baiting.

props ‘What You’re Made Of’
Mark is back with his latest bop! It’s a bit of a subtly political rant, disguised in his usual brand of bouncy beatsy indie-pop. Production is as phat as ever, and my face definitely brightens whenever a props tune emerges from the speaker. Now we just need him to climb out of that self-imposed anonymity cloak…[photos! gigs! do it do it do it]

Yvng Specs x E Double U ‘Plantain & Pattie’
A great hook up here between two of the new crew in the NN codes. The rhythm is irresistible as it bounces along, and the lads share stories of romance and sustenance. Get this blaring out your car this summer.

Josh Jones ‘Opportunity’
Northampton’s Jones is doing a strong turn at moving around the singer-songwriter lexicon with different sounds and vibes on each release. This one is driven by some wacka wacka white-boy guitar licks which are so out they’re in. His pop vocals sit lovely on top, and those harmonies and sax drop-ins are the cherry on the cake as well.

Jagged Tooth ‘Blades & Bobby Pins’
Bex and James from ShoeTown’s Over The Influence relocated to Brighton in 2019 and formed this trio. Their pandemic-delayed opening salvo is here in all it’s 3D glory, showing off their Alter Bridge and Royal Blood style full-bore riffage. Throw in some Black Sabbath/Distillers shapes too and that’s a tasty meal to kick things off. Cool video too.

Kieran Smith ‘August’
One of the most affecting songwriters from the East Midlands, Smith’s crisply striking guitar lines work in perfect harmony with that soft and caressing voice. A song about parental love and hopes and dreams, it’s probably not likely to be his most shouted-about track, but for me it’s my favourite one to date. He’s growing into the home producer role with real elan too.

YTN Kay ‘Loud’
Wellingborough sounds now, as Kay YoungTrilly looks to own 2021 with slammer after slammer. A rumble of a tune about the joys of toking large, it’s full of personality and bass in equal measure. The rap game is looking safe in his hands.

Hxrmz LB ‘Energy Freestyle’
Liam has worked with Hazey and L30 Robinson to create a unique track here, full of mariachi horns interlaced with some UK garage flavour. His voice is full throttle: volume, confidence, lines like “this music thing is what I love”. You cant help but get behind him.

Bill Fever ‘Money Goes To Bloody Money’
Kettering area singer and songwriter in the full-bloodied rock dynamics mould, this home-recorded title track from his debut EP is a thing of beauty. A Jack White-esque freewheeling sound is very satisfying, and yet doesn’t distract from some very astute lyrics about modernity [“Money, the power it buys/Is built on bloody lies”]. Dive into the whole EP if you can, you will be rewarded.

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