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Step On: the week’s best new music tracks [May 28th]

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New Boots editor Phil Moore takes you through the best new tracks this week.

Mark Ski feat. Lulla HF ‘Gone Shopping [remix]’
Northampton hip-hop producer mainstay Ski released a glorious slab of vinyl in 2020 called Catch-REC, full of old-skool flavours and new skool vocal guests. Mark Ski has followed it up with a short seven-song remix EP of some of those same tracks. This track he’s actually redone himself; with a phatter, undeniable beat in no time at all you’ll be slinking down the high street with your head rolling off its axis. Buy Mark Ski vinyl here.

Ainso ‘Pedal To The Metal’
New to the scene EDM producer Ainso drops his third single, the progressive house tune has immediately gone global, as decent EDM tends to these days. He flaunts those dives and crescendos like the clubs never closed!

Post Machine ‘Needle Up’
Chilled R&B from Milton Keynes courtesy of trio Freddy Armstrong, Chris Norrish & Nap God. Lush group vocal, reverberating soulful guitar, and a gentle-like-the-wind rhythm combine to create something excitingly vertiginous. Let’s all follow their journey, it could be quite something.

Soft summery neo-soul sounds from Phil the beatmaker. When the Fender Rhodes tinkle came along early doors I almost cried, such was its beauty. His production skills are second to none, wrapping up this song in a, er, bubble of fluffy piano-driven loveliness. If you can’t tell, I do really quite like this song.

Nevmore ‘Sea Of Tranquility’
Oooh, this is a mash-up of emotions. Nevmore’s edgy vocals – about finding a better mental space – rub up well against Big Beat-style repeating bars [of the ethereal type]. It’s over way too soon! But it’s something special whilst you have it gushing out the speakers. File alongside The Avalanches, MF DOOM, and DJ Shadow.

King’s Gambit ‘Past Times’
The first single from the highly-anticipated fourth album Around We Go Again, this song really shows a beats influence, aided here by Becca Percival on percussion. The guitar riff loops and drives the song forward, which has the usual olde worlde melodic touches and luscious layered vocals. The past meets the present in one glorious rainbow. Can’t wait to hear the full album.

LilxNeno ‘Lonely Nights’
The new Northampton singer brings beats and doomed romance to the game, whilst American producer DeathTheKid holds it all together out back. So laid back it’s horizontal, this third release suggests plenty more good tunes are a-coming.

Orka ‘LIMBO’
Here’s the title track to the new EP from Northants screamo prog metallers Orka. Not the most prolific of artists, they’ve been rolling along nicely however with new sounds since 2017’s debut, and this EP is probably the best work so far, showcasing as it does some corking guitar work that takes the song in different directions at different times.

re:wild ‘Hide’
Brand new Wellingborough EDM producer, this is all fuzzy’n’chunky synths and beats dominating a more relaxed, heavily-manipulated vocal. It’s an ace song regardless of which way you describe it. Andy Gilyead can stand proud with such a strong debut.

Jay Orosz ‘Cliche’
Some smooth R&B to finish off this week’s new tunes, and he’s hitting some form on this, his third single in as many years. A Harlz production so it naturally sounds as glorious as Hennessy on the rocks, Jay has a full throated vocal to rally around on ‘Cliche’. Quality late night lounge room music to add to your playlist right here!

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