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Step On: the week’s best new music tracks [Nov 20th]

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The Wytches

The Wytches by Wolfgang Dubieniec

New Boots editor Phil Moore takes you through the best new tracks this week.

slowthai ‘nhs’
“All the best shit’s got scratches on the surface”. Announcement time: new single, from sophomore album Tyron [Feb 5, loads of bundles to choose from]. Still working tightly with Kwes Darko, this one involves SAMO, Kiko and Kelvin Krash as well. A sister tune to ‘Feel Away’, a laid-back groove that ruminates on the weird human trait of never being happy with what you got. It’s very far from the agit-eski-punk tunes of Nothing Great About Britain and ‘Deal Wiv It’. Whether you care for this ‘softer’ version of T is moot; it’s an interesting left-turn nonetheless.

The Cribs ‘Never Though I’d Feel Again’
Heard this on the radio the other day and just thought, “its still an alright world with the Cribs in it”. This one is not breaking any ground, but it does have a sweet chorus and the guitars all churn just how you’d want them to. From new album Night Network, out today.

The Wytches ‘White Cliffs’
The Brighton/Peterborough quartet celebrate album number three Three Mile Ditch this month. This latest single is still them at their stoniest, but they tap into a certain rock classicism, with arrangements that could sit on a Big Star album, or maybe a 90s alt-rocker like Elliott Smith. Expansive, humane, hummable melody: it’s all there from The Wytches.

Oscar Mic ‘Get Yours!’
Londoner Seamus Hayes soaked up lots of music as a kid, and you can truly feel it on this punkish stab of speaker-rattling noise. Snotty guitar, primitive beats, and an edgy vocal combine to give a welcome shot of playful, hip-hop-enthused, loop-pedal assisted pop-trash to us, the adoring public.

Luc Aus ‘Desires’
21 year-old rapper from ShoeTown/Nottingham is new for 2020. This fourth release of the year sticks to the game plan, and delivers familiar bedroom production tropes like lo-fi synths, skitty beats and vocoder action. It’s all a bit mysterious, but there’s plenty of intrigue there to pay attention in future.

LJ ‘Obsessive’
The Northampton man born Liam Joshua Eede came through last year with his upfront smooth R&B. Fourth single time this month, and you can easily feel a world of inspiration from the likes of Craig David and The Weeknd. It’s subtle groove holds the attention, and LJs voice is commanding. There’s something building here.

Sam Wilson ‘Hold On’
Oooh, that fade-in is slow! Northampton-raised, Leed-based Wilson is a young, multi-instrumentalist student exploring ideas, and this one works a treat. The keys/synths are key to holding the mood together, the production is intricate enough for repeat plays, plus there a lovely turn from featured vocalist Amy Claire. If this is where he’s at now imagine what he can achieve two or three years from now?

Tu-Kay & Ryan ‘Internet Sensation’
“You’re an internet sensation/You’re a toxic radiation/It’s psycho-manipulation”. Some light relief from our favourite Stoke Bruerne duo, as they take aim at vacuous celebrity culture. Gone are the laid -back harmonies and strummed guitars; in it’s place agitated digital beats and industrial rock guitar. Based on this there’s definitely an alternative career to fall back on…

Nailbreaker ‘Blood & Bitterness’
The NN10 Noise Club is alive and [un]well even during global pandemics. George may have been quieter this year, but he’s no quitter, and when he does drop a single you have to listen up. It’s digital hardcore if you don’t know, and this white noise-y one contains lyrical slammers like “got a reason to live but I cant find where/Guess I’m better off simping for a billionaire”. You can buy this, and the excellently-titled b-side, from Bandcamp.

Tom Oi! ‘Save Weekley Hall Wood’
The people of the Kettering and Corby area of Northants who use the Weekley Hall wood, and the people who run the campaign www.saveweekleyhallwood.com, have inspired this bouncy ska-rock ditty. It’s a fun thrown-together mash of lo-fi production and a BIG story [in summary: trees > warehouses]. Go check the campaign out if you can!

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