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Step On: the week’s best new music tracks [Aug 14th]

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Working Men's Club

Photo by Andy Nicholson

New Boots editor Phil Moore takes you through the best new tracks this week.

Working Men’s Club ‘Valleys’
The highlight of Independent Venue Week in Northampton earlier this year was surely this Yorkshire quartet. Taking cues from the synths’n’guitars ’80s pioneers, not to mention small town inertia, ‘Valleys’ smacks you around the head with a confusing euphoria. Socialist drum machines are your future, and you will succumb. The self-titled album arrives Oct 2nd.

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs ‘Hell’s Teeth’
Third single and closing track from third album by the Newcastle sludgers, this is another obliterating slice of rock action courtesy of Rocket Recordings. “We’re cursed! Let’s rock” they scream. Take note rotters, for the gods of riff have a special place in the pantheon for these Visceral knights.

props ‘Easy’
Picking up traction and plenty of fans in the US[!], the Wellingborough bedroom creative drops his fieriest, dancefloor-friendly number yet. A scratchy guitar intro is a false dawn once the bassline drops halfway in. It’s held together by that innocent melody and killer hook. Undoubtedly NN’s best kept secret.

Gia Ford ‘Sleeping In Your Garden’
“Girl, I’m passed out on the lawn!” Dark-hearted, unsettling pop tones are always worth cocking an ear to, and London artist Ford has done a wonder here. Created alongside Fred Spector and Jerskin Fendrix, from its opening crawling fuzz-bass line it captivates the mind from one noir-ish passage to the next, channelling that St. Vincent/Kate Bush proggy-pop excellence that cannot be faked. Can’t wait to hear where she goes next.

TRAAMS ‘The Greyhound’
Can and Hawkwind for the covid generation. Utterly gorgeous jazz-punk nonsense from the Sussex trio.

Evolution ‘Marijuana’
The Northampton maverick with the endless house beats teams up with Birmingham vocalist Ceri Pryce for this club banger. Hypnotically intoxicating, like CBD!

Psyence ‘Tusk’
Slightlydelic-rock from the tail end of the nu-psych scene, these Stoke natives go all in on the splashy drums, rumbling bass swagger and steel-heavy riffage that’s is manna from heaven to fans of the likes of Kasabian, The Blinders, Liam Gallagher etc.

Deadboi ‘How Love Feels’
From the ‘See You Soon’ EP, this features Smoak on some of the bars. The backing of washy synths sets a right mood scene, on which the boys relate the highs and lows of relationship maintenance. The EP goes in several directions sonically, which is well worth checking out.

One of the high points of this weird summer has been the lack of band releases allowing room for emerging electronic and rap artists to make a statement. I know nothing about Remie, but I know this is a highly-enjoyable, stoned romp that oozes late-night charm. Taking NN to the world, let these little birds fly whenever you can.

LT Quickscope ‘Broke As Shit’
K-Town’s finest rapper [it says here. How big is that pool?] follows up the hilarious ‘Tactical Chunder’ with this darker tale of having f-all to call your own after some heavy spending. And who can’t relate to that?

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