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Step On: the week’s best new music tracks [Aug 21st]

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New Boots editor Phil Moore takes you through the best new tracks this week.

Glasvegas ‘Keep Me A Space’
Back. If you’ve never heard them before imagine Jesus and Mary Chain teaming up with Phil Spector. A first release for seven years, and the first taster from fourth album Godspeed. It’s the classic Glasvegas sound – though a more homespun, less widescreen version. Indeed it’s almost nursery rhyme-esque in its simplicity, but suffused with their usual totally-enveloping sadness. And any song about not seeing someone enough resonates – on a whole other scale – in 2020.

bloody/bath ‘Nothing’
And if Glasvegas aren’t emo enough for you, here comes former Fox Chapel singer Kailan Price under his new guise with some more intense navel gazing. The hazy gothic atmosphere recalls Faith-era The Cure, but recorded on synths. The second half chant of “We’ve got nothing/Give us something” is the sound of all humanity crying out for rebirth. When the emotional centre drifts sometimes its best to channel it into something as cathartic as this little wonder.

Maps ‘Wildfire [GLOK remix]’
GLOK is Andy Bell [you know: Ride, Hurricane#1, Oasis], and he’s done a nine minute Day-Glo chillwave job on the Earls Barton man’s Colours. Reflect. Time. Loss album highlight of last year. It’s all part of James Chapman’s ongoing remix series, where he invites contemporaries to remix a track from the album. Previous remixers have included Stephen Morris, A Certain Ratio, and Barry Adamson to name just three. Check ’em all out.

Palm Reader ‘Hold/Release’
On a metal tip, Nottingham post-hardcore types preview fourth album Sleepless with this typically high-class effort following on from 2018’s excellent Braille. Building up a moody/proggy landscape and then letting the tension go with aggressive outbursts, this song is a real journey, and this bodes well for the album.

Howie Payne ‘It Feels Like Summer’
Liverpool singer-songwriter has been charming since his The Stands days in the mid-2000s, and even now he’s able to turn in stoned-guitar-pop of a high quality. He knows his way around a harmony, and this song does just what the title says. File next to Neil Young and Noel Gallagher.

Lucien Moon feat. Ironik ‘Know Your Name’
New Boots spoke to Jamie about his new monikor and comeback earlier this year, and he continues his sexy, funkish pop journey via this hook-up with London rap star Ironik. This one is all slap-bass 80s vibes and confident moves, which suits his smooth and soulful voice perfectly. Check the video here too.

Torus ‘Make You Mine’
Channelling early Soundgarden and their ilk through the filter of modern-day NN/MK, this is very much a trio of teenagers finding their feet, throwing out nuggets to see what gets a reaction. The guitars are totally on-point, so New Boots will always send you in their direction.

Zen ‘Feel’ [from Mind Virtual Immunity album]
Lose yourself in some mindful beats. With 14 songs over 59 minutes, yer man from Corby puts down the Sharkteeth microphone for now to take a sideways slide into more trippy trance manoeuvres on a full album [following the ‘Here For You, Forever’ EP from a few weeks back]. It’s fun, lively, totally unexpected, and diverting enough to keep you tide over until the rock is back.

Mighty JY ‘Into My Eyes’
Another young NNer playing with beats and a vocoder; this one is very easy on the ear, vibe-wise, and shows much promise.

Captain Boomcake ‘Better Place’
Kettering-born housey electronica, featuring one Lohrd Snohw, giving a lovely washed-out female vocal treatment. See, 2020 can sometimes be kind to us.

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