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Step On: the week’s best new music tracks [Aug 7th]

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Dylan Cartlidge

New Boots editor Phil Moore takes you through the best new tracks this week.

Dylan Cartlidge ‘Cheerleader’
Genre-blurring Dylan Cartlidge is my Great Hope for the music industry post-covid. He’s got style and panache from top to bottom. His songs are pretty simple constructions, yet all are life-affirming love letters to the power of a crisp beat and silky Hammond. Shake your ass to this, and forget trying to remember what day of the week it is. Then do it all over again.

Cabbage ‘Get Outta My Brain’
The Greater Manchester gonzo punks have refined their art to add some baggy-psych accoutrements on this one, and it’s a rave-up that’s as provocative as ever. Not to mention a cracking tune. Having hit the top 30 with their debit album in 2018, here’s hoping follow-up Amanita Pantherina [out next month] repeats the feat.

Yard Act ‘Fixer Upper’
Leeds post-punk types have revived the sort of character observation tale that recalls The Fall or Sleaford Mods in sound and general tone. It’s hilarious and cringe in equal measure, and frankly its great to have a guitar band freely invoking such emotions. Personality always wins.

Heavy Salad ‘The Wish’
Fronted by Manchester mover’n’shaker Lee Mann [most recently in The Moonlandingz], this fuzzy psych-pop gem has Dinosaur Jr/Queens riffing vibes, if they were covering an old Super Furry Animals single. Taken from forthcoming debut album Cult Casual, produced in part by the awesome Sheffield-based Ross Orton.

FFSYTHO ‘Target n Aim’
Firm favourite of 1Xtra and harvesting a loyal following amongst the underground, the NN MC hits heavy again with another tornado-like tirade. “I can’t behave/I’m outrageous when I’m irate/Prescription pills in a case”. It’s boastful and outrageous rapping for sure, but with allure like no other.

Luna Rosa ‘It’s Ours In Arms’
The Corby guys usually hit fierce like their local steel, but this one is from another place entirely. Rory McDade filling his lungs full of air, to emote over delicately plucked guitar. It’s “only” a demo because of lockdown, but I suggest they keep it as is. It’s hard to beat perfection.

Jake Brown ‘Focus’
Late night beats courtesy of the Leicester/Northampton-based Brown, on his first single of 2020. His Drake-style R&B is a fresh as a box of new sneakers, as he laments his failing love life and seeks redemption.

Li-Likeisaid ‘Icardi’
More bashment/dancehall rhymes, dealing with football, guns, and ladies. There’s some metaphorical mix between it all, and it’s got a hypnotic quality as it all locks in from moment. Lots going on, more to come from this talented young one.

Deep Sea Mountains ‘Five Mile Scroll’
DSP are Will Sey, Al Humphries, Robin Pugh, and Joe Martin – with production by Jon Martin. A Northampton powerhouse team, this has been the long-awaited follow-up to the magnificent ‘Pipe Dream‘. “I can feel my brain cells dying” laments Sey [media dissing?], as coruscating pissed-off rock sounds clatter around him. As glorious as we could have hoped for.

Low Girl ‘ICU’
The new name for Hertfordshire artist Sara, this sombre song about the end of life has been given some input in ShoeTown by Jay Brook [aka Ginger Snaps]. The end result is not easy listening; a sombre ache, but with good memories attached. It will emotionally take you “somewhere else” – just like all great art should.

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